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Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror

Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror


Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror


Hello Sara, my name is Rosanna, I will confess I am very anxious, and I can’t think of what to ask you. In my mind I have so many thoughts and fears …


There is one thing I have always been sure of, that I have never felt alone .. I have always had the mental perception that I can speak to someone already inside me!


Despite the many doubts … rationality sometimes can be a horrible beast … I have always seen Jesus as a real Father, since mine was not very present!!


I shall tell you what happened to me one night, following a nightmare I had:


As I opened my eyes, I saw in a corner of the room, reflected in the mirror, a shape of an Angel, made of live light … like an energy … I was no longer afraid ….


It was all over in a few seconds … could I have imagined it? in that period I had started with a spiritual journey, and I was reading a book on Angels; I believe I did not imagine … that shape was LIVE light, I can’t explain it to you ….


I cant’ list them all … but I have to say that sometimes I resemble the incredulous Saint Thomas, and I am ashamed of it, and yet, if I reflect on it, I have had so many signs over the course of my life!!!


What is certain is that often, when I ask, my Guardian Angel gives.


Thank you for having dedicated a little of your time also for me … I just had to write to you, perhaps there is a reason for it … or … is it surely one of those coincidences?!!!


A hug


Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror was shared with us by Rosanna




Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror experiences


Guardian Angel reflected on the mirror


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