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After my little angel flew to the Sky

After my little angel flew to the Sky experiences


After my little angel flew to the Sky : hello Sara, my name is Laura, I am 41 years old, I am a mother to 4 earthly children, as well as one who flew to the sky on my 16th week of pregnancy, he was a little boy, and his name was Lorenzo; I would like to tell you my testimonial, because what happened to me was wonderful, this thought however is the result of a long and painful metabolization process, after the loss, which happened on 31st July 2013.


While I was pregnant with him, I would read on the internet what would happen during the weeks of pregnancy, and at one point, a beautiful white feather fell upon me, from the closed skylight.


After a few days, I started having strong pains, and I lost blood, I had lost my baby, but just before entering into the emergency room, on the way there, I saw an empty nest … then, when they told me that they could feel no heartbeat, in the waiting room I was in, I started hearing a piece of the song from Whitney Houston I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


The days following my loss, while I was destroyed inside, I looked for this song on the internet, and the meaning of the translation into Italian was quite surprising: my child had sent me a very clear message.


After him, I became pregnant with two twins, a boy named like him, and a girl; once again, before entering the gynecologist and I did not even know yet that they were twins, I kept seeing on the way many mothers with either double strollers or double prams.


While I was pregnant with the twins, I started to also notice that my little angel always left little hearts everywhere, and for a while now he had been showing the number five and a question mark, with the suds from the dishwashing water, I would find it everywhere, I would ask him, through communication with my thoughts, what it all meant …. the other day, my husband asked me “Would you like to have another child?” and it would be our fifth earthly child, now, I don’t know if I have given it the correct interpretation, also because the number five, in angelic language, means a big change.


A big goodbye.


After my little angel flew to the Sky experiences was told us by Laura




After my little angel flew to the Sky experiences


After my little angel flew to the Sky


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