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Presence of my Guardian Angel

Presence of my Guardian Angel confirmation


Presence of my Guardian Angel : dear Sara, you know I am always searching for confirmations of the presence of my Guardian Angel, and I would like to tell you what happened; a few days ago, it was about 14, I was in my car, alone, I was driving to the seaside, I had been asking my Guardian Angel for a couple of days to manifest himself, because I felt the need for a clear manifestation from him.


And so, all of a sudden, while I was listening to the radio, during a stretch of the highway where usually the radio frequencies are not very clear, I suddenly heard, loud and clear, a speaker announce the date of the day in question … then ….. and at the Priolo Gargallo square, the clock of the Church of The Guardian Angel rang the time, 14:00.


How did I feel?!? Invaded with joy, I could not contain myself, and then again ….. maybe because I was still looking for confirmations, by means of a different way of contacting my by my Angel, on the beach at Trabia, while I was sunbathing, I noticed that the little girl next to my beach towel, was stretched on an inflatable mattress, with the drawing of an enormous smiling frog!!! (and as you know, I am a fervent collector of objects in the shape of frogs).


I would like to thank my Angel, for the attentions he pays to me, and I thank you, because thanks to your website I am learning to get to know him, and feel him next to me.


You know Sara, I am getting into the habit, every evening, of talking to him about my day, my fears, my joys, my desires, well, I try to share with him as much as possible about what I do during my day, I feel they can be described as the result of the excellent result of his being near me, and manifesting his closeness to me!!


Thank you for everything, and a warm hug, and a wish for a wonderful weekend.


Presence of my Guardian Angel confirmation was told us by Giovannella




Presence of my Guardian Angel confirmation


Presence of my Guardian Angel


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