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The Love of the Sky

The Love of the Sky comes in times of need


The Love of the Sky : dear Sara, I would like to tell you about this wonderful event that happened to my family; you must know that we used to live in Sardinia, my father was a farmer, he worked very long hours, but the money never seemed to be enough, and so he decided to work at the mines, it was a very hard job, but it allowed all of us a more comfortable life; mum looked after us kids, and he worked in the mine, and then would work the fields.


Sadly, he fell sick with silicosis, and started to go back and forth between home and to the hospital for treatments.


During that dark period, we also had a few problems with our little home, which was about to fall apart, but dad was in bed sick, and mum, as well as looking after us, also had to tend to the builders who were working on rebuilding part of our house. By the evening she was exhausted, worn out, and would crash into bed from being so tired.


One of these nights, my father, still very sick, was feeling very thirsty, his throat was burning, and so he started to call my mother so she could bring him some water, he called and called, his voice was very feeble, he tried to move her, to give her a few nudges to wake her up, he was really too sick and desperately needed some water, but my mother was just too tired and did not wake up.


In the morning, my father told me what had happened the night before, he told her of his thirst, and my mother, mortified, kept telling him “You should have woken me up”, to which he kept answering “I did try to wake you, many times, but you were just too exhausted and kept on sleeping …” and then he said “I was really desperate, I was really sick, when all of a sudden a Lady arrived, and she brought me some water, I took her water, drank it, and then the Lady left”


Isn’t’ it wonderful, Sara?!!! Do you see how much Love arrived from the Sky just at the time it was needed?


I am embracing you affectionately


The Love of the Sky comes in times of need was told us by Riccarda




The Love of the Sky comes in times of need


The Love of the Sky


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