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Healing during out of body experiences

Healing during out of body experiences my story


Healing during out of body experiences : dear Sara, a very close friend of mine, a very special Soul, with whom I often talk about Angels, suggested to me to look up your website; thank you so much, it is wonderful, I have found many answers and a deep peace; I just wanted to tell you about two out of body experiences I had, and I wanted to ask you one thing about the second event; they both happened at night; during the first one, I moved horizontally, extremely fast, and I found myself in Africa, I was above earth, I was moving slowly in these green panoramas, I love Africa, and after that night I woke up with a fantastic sensation inside me, a feeling of joy and energy.


The second time happened not long ago, last December I contracted the shingles. I had some complications due to being prescribed the wrong medicine for it, and I suffered from searing pains.


After two months, I hadn’t recovered my strength yet, and I still felt very, very weak. During that time I was also worrying a lot about my job.


One night, before going to bed, I prayed a lot that I would receive a sign on what to do, because I was feeling truly desperate. This is what I experienced that night: I was in the garden of our home, my sister was holding me in her arms. At one point I communicated with her through my thoughts,, and I told her “I am ready”. The air became green, and in the air I started seeing huge gusts of wind dancing in the air. It was an extremely beautiful sensation. My sister let me go, and I started to rise up vertically, at an unbelievable speed. I felt as if I was traveling at lightning speed, and eventually I started feeling fearful, mentally I asked God: “God, what is happening? Am I dying??”, I was terrified because I did not understand what was happening. Then, there was emptiness.


I don’t know what happened, but soon after I found myself descending, very slowly, back into my own body. When I went back into my body, it was not a pleasant sensation, because I felt an overwhelming feeling of heaviness. Then, I woke up.


I asked several people, with whom I felt I could talk to, what that experience could have meant, and what I was afraid of. They could not answer me. For a while, I looked for an answer, but as it was eluding me, I told myself that the answer would arrive when the time was right.


A few days later, I noticed that my strength had come back, and I felt completely healed. Even the “pimples” that were left from the shingles were almost completely disappeared.


Not long ago I was reading for the second time a book that for me is one of the most fundamental books in life (On Death And Dying, from Elisabeth Kubler Ross). I did not remember the part in question, but I read that the writer had an out of body experience, and when she returned from her experience, she was completely healed from the hernia she had in her back, and her intestinal occlusion was also healed. Perhaps what I experienced was something similar to this, could I have healed from Shingles in the same way? Why was I so afraid?


In the beginning, I was a little hesitant to talk about these experiences, but I feel that they are actually a great blessing.


Thank you for listening to me, and a sunny embrace to you


Healing during out of body experiences was told us by Laura




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Healing during out of body experiences


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