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My Guardian Angel spoke to me

My Guardian Angel spoke to me experiences


My Guardian Angel spoke to me : thanks to my Guardian Angel I am able to live and to keep going, he gives me advice, suggestions, he often gives me advice through dreams, numbers, feelings of wellbeing.


I went through a very negative part of my life, I was not able to make contact with Him, and I felt lost, empty, abandoned, but some time later, thanks to Love, I was able to gain contact with Marco again (this is His name) and things are going much better now.


On two occasions he spoke to me in my sleep, and I got scared, I was still scared even after I woke up, he did tell me some wonderful things: he told me that true Love lasts forever, it never ends; then the second time he told me that when there is Love, nothing and nobody can take your lust for life away from you.


During the negative part of my life, when I was not aware of His presence, also due to my own fault, there was something happening to me every single day, things always seemed to go wrong, and since I was not used to certain things, and watching everything I had worked for vanish in front of me, I felt completely lost, I was feeling hopeless because I could not see any alternatives, one night I remember I woke up because I distinctively felt someone slap me on the face. It was my Guardian Angel, trying to wake me up, I deserved it, in fact I realized that during that period I was not doing anything to improve, moreover, I was self-harming


To date I still have problems from my past, but I don’t feel alone any more, so now instead of focusing on the problems, I focus on possible solutions.


My Guardian Angel spoke to me experiences is Angelo’s testimonial




My Guardian Angel spoke to me experiences


My Guardian Angel spoke to me


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