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Anniversary of death my father’s help

Anniversary of death my father’s help testimonials


Anniversary of death my father’s help : hello Sara, It’s been a long time since I wrote to you, but I do read your website every day; I would like to tell you about an episode that happened to me on the day of the third anniversary of my father’s departure.


Together with my two children, we were going to pick up my mother to go to church, to go to the mass in memory of my father.


I took the usual road there, when I noticed that the police had blocked the road due to an unusual road accident … I was thinking: what a strange accident … how can a driver end up driving into a tree with his car? was he blinded by the sun??


In the meantime, the ambulance had taken him away. The first thing I thought of was: how is it possible to have such an accident!!!


And so I took the detour … I remember in front of me there was a line of stationary cars, I remember joking with my children, when suddenly, thinking that the line of cars had started moving forward again, I was blinded by a strong light, to the point where I started driving again, believing that the other cars had moved on, and instead I ended up bumping into the back of the car in front of me … panic ensued …. the first thing I did was to place my arm in front of my daughter, so shelter her from the impact, but in part I noticed that my girl ended up cracking the windshield with her head.


I expected the worst ….. I checked her head, and she had nothing at all, not even a scratch, and yet the window was shattered.


As soon as the lady driving the car in front of us got out of the car, she said “Lady, how is the little girl? I saw from the rearview mirror that she broke the window with her head … I could not believe it, my daughter was unscathed (which was confirmed also by the medical staff in the emergency room) … moreover, when I stepped off the car I noticed that my car was really damaged, but the one from the lady did not even have a scratch … how can one explain it?


How can you explain your daughter not having a scratch after having cracked the window with her little head? How could I damage my car to the tune of 300 euros, and the other car have nothing at all?


The first thing I thought about? My father …. while in church I thanked him for that too …. at one point, during the mass, I saw a little white feather coming down, and landing on the bench we were seated on.


Ever since that day, every night my daughter thanks the little Angels for allowing her to not get injured, and then she added … above all thank you to you, grandpa, for being my Guardian Angel!


I just wanted to make you aware of this experience, because in my opinion it’s worth sharing. I am sending you a hug.


Anniversary of death my father’s help testimonials was told us by Agata




Anniversary of death my father’s help testimonials


Anniversary of death


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