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God seeks each one of us

God seeks each one of us testimonials


God seeks each one of us : dear Sara Luce, with profound joy I would like to share this experience. I know for a fact that it will not be this testimonial that will convince the skeptics,and I know this because I myself have been a skeptic, and, by definition, skeptics do not consider coincidences as a proof of anything.


Let’s say that, with this in mind, my journey of research and return to God has been fairly long (at least ten years) as well as complex. Nevertheless, now I know that God seeks out each one of us, independently from our faith, from our creeds, our actions. He never stops.


I therefore write to you to encourage those who feel abandoned by God, to seek Him out, even through their own Guardian Angel.


Only a few days ago, before I fell asleep, I was feeling discouraged. I had thoughts running through my head such as: “How is it possible that, with all the things I am good at, I manage to be stumped by really simple things? (these were not the exact words I used, but this is the meaning). Why do I shoot myself in the foot? Why did I do these things? Why do I act this way? etc. etc. … at some point, I recited a short prayer that I had not been saying for a very long time. A prayer that begins like this: “Angel of God, my guardian dear …” I repeated this in my mind, I calmed down, and I fell asleep peacefully. My sleep was deep, dreamless, or, to be precise, without any memories …


Fast forward to 6.10 am the following morning. My sister was corageous, she just opened the door to my bedroom, facing a real risk of being showered with insults by me. My sister said: “Chiara, I have to tell you something important …” I replied: “Mmmm …. What is it?” My sister: “I spoke with your Guardian Angel, he told me to give you a message …” My eyes popped open, I immediately became wide awake and I exclaimed with such a stupor that it actually shocked my sister “Noooo, this is impossible, I can’t believe it”.


But the tone of my voice was clearly of someone who believed all of it.


I looked at her questioningly, and she added: “He told me to tell you that you always have to believe in yourself and in the things you do, and if someone tried to tell you something that you do not believe in, you must not waver”. I was simply stunned. My heart filled with joy.


I jumped off my bed and I inundated my sister with questions. She told me she dreamt of a late relative, let’s call him Marco, he arrived in a hurry into the living room of the house, and said hello to her. In the dream she told him: “But, aren’t you Marco?” And he smiled and changed expression. He passed her the message for me, and he made sure she repeated it three times, to make sure that she understood it correctly. She did as he asked. He showed her a scene of me at work discussing with someone who wants to convince me of something that I believe is wrong (not from an ethical point of view, because it would definitely not happen, and no amount of Angelic intervention would happen there, but rather from a practical point of view).


He smiled, rubbed his hands, and exclaimed: “Well, well, now I know that everything will go well for the 2nd of October …” We both wonder what could happen on the 2nd of October. I looked at the calendar, but nothing stood out. So I looked on the internet, to see what Saint is celebrated on the 2nd of October, out of curiosity. I was once again shocked when I saw that the on that day the Church celebrates Guardian Angels. Maybe for some readers this news is not surprising, but neither my sister nor I are practicing Catholics, so neither one of us knew about it!


My Angel helped me take up again a project that I had wanted to abandon because it was being ostracized by other people. Now I have much more faith in myself and I hope that my experience may be useful to others. I know that this is difficult to believe, and for this reason I invite you not to just believe me, but to experiment. Look for a form of dialogue with your own Guardian Angel, your Angel will answer.


Many thanks, and peace be with you.


God seeks each one of us testimonials is Chiara’s experience




God seeks each one of us testimonials


God seeks each one of us


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