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Messages from the other side

Messages from the other side recurrences of death


Messages from the other side : hello Sara, I write to you today, 22nd July, the day in which my great Love returned home in 2011; every year on this day he sends me messages where he leads me to understand that he exists, that he is with me. Look what happened today:


Every year during this period I am on vacation at the seaside with my daughter. This morning, at the beach, a seagull approached me and looked at me … all children gotclose to it to see it up close … nothing like that had ever happened before, and I have been coming here for the last six years … yes, you may think, of course this can happen at the seaside, but that a seagull would actually walk around my sunbed, and look at me in the eyes, only looking directly at me, this is Sandro, I am certain of it.


This was the only seagull present all day today, in a bay in Sardinia, near Tuerredda … and now, at the end of the day, the seagull returned to my sunbed, and looked at me again, and then stood in the water, allowing himself to be transported away by the wavers …. but this is not even the end.


After this event, I was playing cards with my daughter, again here at the beach, two foreign little girls approached us, and showed us a little ball/pillow, like those who blow up in the shape of a heart, with the words I LOVE YOU, asking me if it was mine …. I instinctively said that it was not mine, immediately regretting it, because that was a gift from Sandro.


One more sign from him …. last year, again on 22nd of July, always in the same place, as I was stepping out of my car I had just parked, I found an enormous pebble, as big as a hand, in the shape of a perfect heart.


Every year, on 22nd of July, he sends me these wonderful signs of his presence. It’s wonderful, and God is so good …


Thank you for everything Sara


With a lot of sincere affection,


Messages from the other side recurrences of death is Angela’s experience




Messages from the other side recurrences of death


Messages from the other side


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