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Premonitions about death

Premonitions about death a child’s experience


Premonitions about death : when I was eleven years old, I came down with the flu, which, gradually, turned into pneumonia, and this caused my left lung to collapse; the doctor had me taken urgently to the hospital in an ambulance; that night they placed me in an oxygen tent, however my fever continued to be high, I fell into a deep sleep, and had the strangest of dreams.


In my dream, I found myself in a hospital room I did not recognize. I was in bed, I was connected to two machines, one of them looked like a cardiac monitor, and the other seemed to be an artificial breathing machine.


All of a sudden I found myself fluctuating right up to the ceiling, next to the clock. From that position I could see the entire room, in which there were four nurses. I knew it meant that I was about to die. Then I saw only one nurse next to my bed, and that meant that I was going to survive.


The room was very luminous, and I was not at all afraid! The pain that I had been feeling during the illness had gone completely, and I most definitely did not want to go back into my body. I knew that my family loved me, and I loved them, and this is why I took the decision to return into my body.


The following morning I told my mother about the dream I had had. This worried her, to the point that she told the doctor that I had spoken about my death. The strangest thing is that the doctor confirmed he had heard many similar stories from people who, having been gravely ill, had had premonitions regarding their deaths. He was not surprised at all.


That night I fell asleep again, but I have no memory of it. In any case, I was transported by emergency to the ICU, and I was left in a room. While in that room I went into cardiac arrest. They hooked me up to a machine that provided the vital signs, regulated the heart beat and breathing. The doctors explained that when children are about to die, they place four nurses/doctors in the room, but if the child looks like he is going to pull through, then they leave only one nurse in the room. That fact really worried my mother, because she remembered the dream I had told her about.


The good thing is that I recovered, and I was given the explanation that I had gone into cardiac arrest, in any case, this event has certainly changed substantially my vision of life and everything else!


Premonitions about death a child’s experience was told us by Elio




Premonitions about death a child’s experience


Premonitions about death


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