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My Angel manifested itself

My Angel manifested itself in England


My Angel manifested itself : hello sweet Sara, I would like to wish you a happy Mid August holiday day, and tell you that just today I completed reading the third cycle of Messages To Humanity you had suggested for me; I will continue with the messages from Jesus; they stirred some intense emotions as well as moments of rare happiness when I was faced with what, in reality, was sleeping inside my heart!!!


In England my Angel manifested itself …. guess how? a very large leaf in the shape of a heart, right in the middle of the path … in front of my feet, and positioned in the direction toward me!!! ... it was a wonderful thing that I did not capture in a picture, partly because I was with other coworkers, and partly, to be honest, I would not even know how to forward it to you, I am not very technologically savvy …


Then I have to tell you that my Angel was certainly close to me (I asked for his help) when, during the first night, one of my female students had a panic attack because she was very attached to her family (she is the only daughter) … she was afraid of being so far from home … she was desperate … I calmed her down thanks to God and … the final result? By the end of the study-vacation, she did not even want to go back home anymore!!!


I was so happy and so was her mother …. finally she had conquered her independence!!!


I am growing more and more certain that my Angel set things up so that my words would give the girl serenity, and stop all panic and anxiety.


A sweet fraternal embrace, from the bottom of my heart.


My Angel manifested itself in England with a heart is the testimonial from Rosanna


My Angel manifested itself in England


My Angel manifested itself


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