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Experiences necessary to our evolution

Experiences necessary to our evolution testimonials


Experiences necessary to our evolution : dear Sara Luce, as you know, over the last 30 years I had many premonitions through my dreams, dreams that allowed me to live through fragments of my future, and I shared them in my blog http://sognistraordinari.altervista.org


Today I wanted to talk to you and all other readers of your site about the premonitory dreams I had and that were connected to a romantic story I experienced about 20 years ago.


Mine would have been a romantic story just like many others, maybe a sad romantic story just like many others, had it not been for those dreams I had had, which guided me to understand what was happening.


Without doubt we come on this earth to gain experiences that help with the evolution of our Soul, and we have to go through them as experiences, good or bad may they be. Good or bad are human concepts, however, for our Spirit there is only one concept: the experiences necessary to our evolution.


I will start by telling you about my first premonitory dream in this whole chapter. They were doing some renovation work in my apartment, and this is the dream I had:


I am very bitter because the workmen installed a worktop in the bathroom made of black marble, instead of white marble with light grey veins. End of the dream.


This dream didn’t take long to come true, and I can’t tell you how many problems I had with the owner of the company in charge of the work. In addition to the work which was clearly sub par, in the end he threatened to smash the entire work they had done, if I refused to meet his financial requirement, which went well beyond the estimate he had given me.


At the end of the works, I had a dream that was a harbinger for my romantic story:


An unknown man kissed me, and I had a moment of awareness: he is a member of the political party I had just voted for. End of the dream.


At the time, I was seeking a technician who could produce a declaration of compliance of the electrical and heating systems in the house, because they had not been released to me by those who had done the work. And so I found a little cooperative company on the phone book, and decided to call them. The director of the company made an appointment to inspect my home.


When he arrived, he gave me the estimate, and a few days later I noticed that he was keen to come to us, also to see me, and, one evening, after he completed the work, he accepted our invitation (back then my mother was still alive and lived with me) to join us for dinner.


Then we deepened our friendship, I found out he was separated, waiting for the divorce to come through, and he assured me that with his wife there was no bond whatsoever left, and that he no longer loved her. Moreover, I found out something very special: he was a member of the political party I had voted for. Oh! What a strange coincidence! Hard to believe!!


And so our relationship started.


Only three months later, however, one day he suddenly disappeared. The day before we had agreed that he was going to come for dinner at my home, but instead he never showed up, never heard from him, and he broke my heart.


Three years went by without news from him, and one night I had a dream similar to a vision… like a flash:


In front of me, suspended in the air, I can see a letter inside an envelope, and suddenly the dream ends.


As I woke up, I thought about how strange this “vision” was, and I could not explain it.


A few days later, as I returned home from work, I looked at the mail box and I saw that there was an envelope; I took it and as I read it, I was flabbergasted: yes, it was him!


After having disappeared for three years, and breaking my heart, he wrote that he regretted having left me, that he never stopped loving me, that more than any other thing in the world he wanted my forgiveness, and that he would be the happiest man on earth if he could see me again.


Oh heavens, this was incredible! I quickly realized that my micro-dream was a premonition. I could hardly believe it!


Being still in love with him, I accepted, and we started living together again, but within the span of a few months, I realized that he had just told me a big pack of lies. He was a pathological liar.


During this brief period of living together, I had other premonitory dreams. In the first one, I was the protagonist:


I am dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress, but, as I turn around, and look down to the right, at my leg’s level, I notice that on the dress there is a black stain. End of the dream.


This dream, for me, was clearly premonitory, in fact, my mother and I, to whom I immediately told about my dream as soon as I woke up, agreed on the fact that it was not at all a harbinger of something good. If we then add three other dreams that arrived within a few days, then the overall picture became clear.


During these three premonitory dreams-recurrent telegrams, which I had in moments when some discussion between us would take place that would bother me deeply, and made me feel sad, I heard the voice of a man, who told me in a kind but firm voice: he is not your man.


Even these dreams did not take long to become true in my real life. In fact, the very short time we lived together (about three months) ended when the classic straw broke the camel’s back. The reason that allowed for me to concretize the drastic and difficult decision to interrupt the relationship was an event that I could have never imagined.


One day, he left the house and forgot to take his wallet with him. When he noticed, he buzzed my home on the intercom and asked me to just throw it to him from the window, and so I did. I don’t even know how, but as I handled the wallet, a piece of paper escaped from the wallet, and fell on the floor. I picked it up, gave it a very quick look, and I noticed that it was a letter, in his handwriting, to his wife, expressing all the love he felt for her, and that he was desperate because he could not fathom the fact that she had left him, and no longer loved him.


At this point, with my heart in pieces, I ended the brief relationship that had caused so much pain. End of the story.


As you see, Sara Luce, as you see, my friends, these dreams have anticipated fragments of my future, and this fact makes them extraordinarily fantastic; there is always someone who follows us, and help us from the Sky to realize our journey of evolution on earth.


Experiences necessary to our evolution testimonials is Marghelena’s testimonial


Dreams are Stars that have illuminated the darkest moments of my existence, helping me overcome obstacles that, time and time again, have posed an obstacle in my journey, thus preventing me from falling into the deepest anguish; they are such precious gifts that no material richness will ever be able to match. There are those who believe in artificial paradises (and fiscal) one earth, and those, like me, who believe in the Divine Paradise in the Sky.


Experiences necessary to our evolution testimonials sognistraordinari.altervista.org




Experiences necessary to our evolution testimonials


Experiences necessary to our evolution


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