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Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason testimonials


Everything happens for a reason : hello Sara Luce, yes my dear everything happens for a reason, I hope everything is well, I keep reading your site, wonderful as always; I wanted to tell you what happened to me just this morning, but before that I must take one step back to let you better understand the story.


The day is 2nd of October, it was Guardian Angels’ day, and that day I dedicated my prayer to them, it was a written prayer for the occasion which I had found inside a booklet; that day was also the grandparents’day, in fact I had lit a little candle both for my grandparents and for my Angel.


In the evening I went to bed and stopped to look at the Angel hanging in my bedroom, and I thanked my Angel for everything he does for me, I apologized for all the times I get angry whenever bad things happen to me, I know that everything happens for a reason, in fact, when I think back to all the things that happened to me, I always found the reason behind them.


I even asked my Angel to keep staying close to me.


That night I could not fall asleep, I knew I had to sleep because the following day, today, I had an appointment at 8 with a person whom I had not seen in many months, and I wanted to be in good shape for it.


At two am I was still awake, and I had to get up at 6 am.


I don’t know, but when I did fall asleep, as soon as I woke up I looked at the time, and it was 9 and 30, I panicked, I grabbed the cell phone which was turned off, I imagined the 200 missed calls to know what had happened to me; one and a half hours late.


When I turned the cell phone on, I was surprised, because there was only one message.


“I am so sorry, last night I could not sleep, let’s postpone it till next Monday”


When I read this message, my first thought went to my Guardian Angel, whom once again had avoided a mess, I am sure he helped me.


Thanks to him, obviously, and thank you for having read my letter.


Everything happens for a reason testimonials is Roberta’s story




Everything happens for a reason testimonials


Everything happens for a reason


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