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Death of a loved one and dreams

Death of a loved one and dreams meanings


Death of a loved one and dreams : when a loved one passes away, often our dreams of the loved one who departed do not represent a real and accurate intervention of the Sky and from the Sky; they are dreams where we see our loved ones, but we see them suffering, or nervous, or distant, the vast majority of the times those dreams leave us with emotions of sadness and worry, however, these are dreams of the subconscious, an expression of our sorrows and our worries; however, when, as you will read from this short testimonial, the person we love does present himself in our dreams, looking luminous, smiling, affectionate, or simply beautiful, that’s when we will know with certainty that the dream is something much more real, it’s a contact through the dream, it’s the bridge used by the Sky to reach those we love who are on earth suffering due to our absence; let’s listen to Rita’s testimonial.


Hello Sara, I would like some advice, an opinion, 15 days ago I lost my mother, it’s horrible, I miss her terribly even though I knew this was going to happen, she was elderly, full of health issues, I had asked her not to abandon me, to look out for me, to come and visit when she could, to give me some signs, signs that I believe have arrived … the most obvious sign is the one where I asked her to give me a kiss as she used to do, I would put my check close to her and I would tell her “Mummy give me a kiss” and then I would give her a kiss.


The other night I dreamt of her, she was beautiful, wearing the same clothes she wore at the funeral, and she gave me a kiss.


Do you think, Sara, that it is possible? That she may be communicating with me through the dream?


Sometimes I wake up with the sensation of having been with her, I need her affection and my love will never fail her.


Death of a loved one and dreams meanings of manifestations is Rita’s testimonial


Death of a loved one and dreams meanings of manifestations


Death of a loved one


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