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Angelic chant gift from the Sky

Angelic chant gift from the Sky


Angelic chant : hello Sara, I write to you because two days ago something incredible happened to me, if I shared this with people they would think I am going mad; I have been working at a high school for the last month or so, I am the janitor, and last Friday I had just finished cleaning all classrooms and I left the office of the director as the last room to dust; I walked in and as a walked past the photocopying machine I heard a chant, loud and clear, I immediately thought of the secretary in the room adjacent to it, so I went to look inside, but she was all concentrated in doing her own things, and I could not see any radios turned or, nor pc’s with songs playing out.


I went back to the director’s office, walked back to the photocopying machine; again I could hear this chant of ANGELS. It seemed to be coming from the wall … so I wondered “Is this something to do with the air flowing from the back of the photocopier?” But all the windows were closed … so I listened more closely …. there was no doubt left in me … it was a chant from Angels ….


Please, I beg you, tell me I am not going crazy, and that they have a message to give me.


A hug to you …




Reading this letter from Carol, it is evident that it was a manifestation from the Sky … of course, while reading her testimonial my heart filled with tenderness, imagining her cleaning the school, picturing her seeking the reason for that chant, and then her reaching to the conclusion of her investigation: it can only be a chant of Angels ….


Maybe it was that same tenderness that I felt for her to have activated from that Sky that melodious manifestation … however I felt that there was more to it, and so I went back to reading other letters that Carol had sent me, I went back to a letter dated 7th May 2016, who was speaking, the person dictating the Message was Carol’s child, who today is in the Sky. As I make you read this Message received by White Lily, I would like for these words, that the little creature dedicated to his mother, bring the same comfort to every parent who today has a child in the Sky. May they feel these words as if they were dedicated to them, and may they feel the same comfort in their heart that this little heart wants to bring to the heart of his terrestrial mother. From the very fist line of this Message, you will identify the author of this splendid Chant of Angels that Carol heard.


“Nothing is impossible, and the notes from my heart are singing a song for you, and like a feather in the wind, light and suave, my soul covers all of you in an immense embrace, mother. It’s an embrace full of love, love of your angel, and in this way we create a contact between your world and the world where I am, a contact between you and me.


The intensity of your love arrives up here like little colored bubbles dancing in the air, drawing a big heart in the Sky, and inside this heart I begin to paint, like a little painter, the emotions that come from my heart. They are emotions of joy, of tender hope, emotions of peace, emotions of love, love for you, mother. Moreover, I paint your face, to be able to admire it at all times.


Next to this great heart, candid clouds are smiling at me, flowers celebrate and talk to me of you. I am flattered and proud to have chosen you as a mother, and I have thousands of words, words of love that I wish to donate to you, to cheer up your heart full of so much love. The energy is all there! The contact is consolidated; I genuinely sadden at not being able to be near you as you would like me to, to squeeze you to my heart and donating you a heart.


But I know for sure, that my words will arrive straight to your heart, erasing the sadness, and lightening up the melancholy, my words, they will give you joy and will be like a delicate balm, and you will be able to feel me next to you on the most beautiful day, the sweetest day, the day dedicated to mothers.


The meaning of the word mother encloses a world of many other words, mother is hope, it’s life and sweetness, tenderness, mother is the bond wit her own child, forever, mother is love, protective love, loyal and without reserves, complete love, immense love.


Do not change your intimate and splendid emotions, bring them to the light, and just like a pure lily it inebriates other hearts with the perfume of your love.


You, mother, you have a lot of love to donate, don’t hide among many others, come out in the open, fly high with your own wings, fly to the center of your being, and that’s where we will meet. Flying high with the heart, we will dance together the immense rhythm of love.


Make note of what you perceive from your little one in the Sky, be strong and sure of your own sensations, every day I speak to you, every moment I donate a piece of the Sky to you, so that you may feel me next to you.


There is a risk of falling into the trap of not believing, but do stay firm in your certainties, always aim straight ahead to the center of your being, your heart. Flashes of light and colors I gift you from the Sky, all for you mom …. Leave preconceived ideas to others, you don’t need them, the world I find myself in is real just like your world, I am alive, and so are you, we both belong to the same God, we are momentarily separated, one day we will meet again and reunite forever.


Lift the curtain in front of your eyes, mom, I am with you. I feel such joy, at being able to donate my words to you, they are like little garlands of beautiful flowers that I donate to you, mom, but the most beautiful flower is always you, a flower that gives a scent of love, that emanates the untouched freshness of your soul, and so, for the day of the Mother, I give you my being, reminding you that I love you.


On that day and for all other days, I say thank you, my sweet flower, for your heart that gives me love, for this day and for all days, and forever …. I love you mother”.




Angelic chant gift from the Sky to the heart of a mother is the testimonial from Carol, with comments from Sara Luce




Angelic chant gift from the Sky to the heart of a mother


Angelic chant



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