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The answers from the Angels

The answers from the Angels understanding the messages


The answers from the Angels : last Sunday I found myself with a doubt about something very important, “what is the best thing to do?”, I was asking myself, I have two options in my mind, each one would have brought some results, but honestly I did not know which one of the two choices would have brought the better result, I truly did not know.


It would take too long to tell you the story in detail, and so I will give you a brief version of it, by saying that I found myself in front of two options, two possibilities, indecisive as to which path to take.


Since the matter was very important, because it involved regaining my serenity, I asked my Guardian Angel for help, just like I taught you how to do it in Guardian Angel


I started to talk seriously with my Angel, expressing all my doubts to him, my questions, and while I was talking to him, in my mind a new, third option appeared of nowhere; now I had 3 hypothesis, each one was valid, but which one was the best? And so I asked, with my heart open to him, asking him if he could help me understand and choose between options 1, 2 or 3.


After that I turned off the computer, I took the coffee cup and walked toward the kitchen.


In the kitchen I looked outside the window, and … who is that kitten????


There was a tiny little kitten, about a month and a half old, which was jumping up and down in my balcony, jumping with all 4 legs, like cats do when they are playing and they are really young, I looked around and I saw a second kitten, and then another one …. three little kittens were jumping in my garden … but where on earth did they come from??? And they were jumping, exploring their surroundings … beyond all human thoughts I had about kittens, and their beauty, their origin etc … at some point, a thought fixed itself in my mind, that they were giving each other confidence and strength … in fact, they were always looking around even while exploring my garden, they wanted to make sure they knew they were in the presence of the other two.


The peculiarly original situation allowed me to pick up the message in the answer from my Angel: the answer was the solution n.3.


We are all human, and, since I had to leave, I asked one more time if I could please have additional confirmation of the solution number 3, or, in case I had misinterpreted the signs, to please guide me to the right answer.


I got ready and left the house, I was early for Mass, so I had a little extra time.


Before I left home, I asked one more time, earnestly talking to my Angel, asking again for a confirmation to help me, and then I opened the door and I left, ready to pick up every and any suggestion.


I calmly walked down the first stretch of road, then I reached a junction: I could take one road and reach the Church directly, or I could take the other road, where there were more people, and I would reach the Church by way of a slightly longer route …. at that point, on the second road, a dog started to bark, catching my attention …. “Ok, I will take the second road”.


As I was almost near the little dog that had barked, I saw some girls, and here my perception changed …. it’s almost as if the time slowed right down, and I became hyper focused on the girls …. there were three of them … they walked exactly one next to the other, perfectly lined up …. still in this kind of state, time having slowed right down and sharp focus, I felt a little disoriented, it was as if I had received another instruction “Look at their glasses”… I looked … and it was incredible!!!! All three wore glasses, with a very similar frame, on top of that … incredible!!!


I walked the rest of the road to reach the Church with a smile stamped on my face, how wonderful!!!! What joy!!!! And thus, my hypothesis n.3 became the solution n.3


In Church, while I was reading the texts on the leaflet, before the Mass started, the leaflet was shaking in my hands … why???? …. I let it vibrate while I kept on reading … ah, yes, eventually I understood!!! There was a text that mentioned Samuel … my sweet, loved, wonderful, patient Angel Samuel!!!!


What joy it is to not being alone, what joy it is to have our Angels with us, what joy it is to open up to our Angels, what joy it is to receive an answer from our Angels in time of need.


A big hug to everyone


The answers from the Angels understanding the messages is Sara Luce’s story




The answers from the Angels understanding the messages


The answers from the Angels


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