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Seeing Spirits and talking to them

Seeing Spirits and talking to them children’s abilities


Seeing Spirits and talking to them : hello, I inadvertently found myself in your wonderful website; I was looking for an answer to my questions, or worries; let me explain; my daughter is almost 7 years old, her name is Asya, on the 30th of October the mother of my sister in law passed away, and she was very close to her, despite the fact that they did not see each other very often.


That night, even though she did not know about her death, she told me she dreamt of her and she played bowling with her (in fact, my husband had heard her laughing and talking in her sleep, and he obviously did not think too much of it). I asked how she was dressed, she told me she was wearing a skirt and a blue knit sweater, and that is exactly how they dressed her, in a blue suit (I should specify that Asya always and only saw her wearing trousers).


Till here, there was nothing too strange, however, the other day, to be precise it was while we were walking into another room, she turned around to look in the bathroom and she exclaimed to me, surprised: mum, look who is here!? I said: Who is here? Asya replied “it’s grandmother Lina (she called her this way); I was petrified, she said: Why don’t you see her? Obviously I could only answer her honestly, that I could not see her.


I tried to tell her: say hello to her, since she came to visit you, go ahead and speak with her. But she became sad, and did not want to, and so I kept on doing what I was doing, until I turned around and I saw Asya staring somewhere, and waving her hand to her, while she thought that I could not see her.


Once we went to bed, she told me: mum, you know, she was different; “In what way do you mean different?” Asya’s answer: She was young, not old, she had long hair, a little straight and a little wavy, she did not wear glasses and she was wearing a blue and red dress, and behind it was completely blue, and she was standing. She told me that tomorrow she is resting.” And I said: “with whom?” Asya: “With her husband, of course, she said that she finally found him.


This is all. Obviously, I spoke with my sister in law, and told her what I had heard. She confirmed that, in fact, when her mother was young, she had long wavy hair and did not wear glasses.


A couple of days later, my daughter saw her again, and she told her cousin, who happened to be there with us: “Giulia, look, grandma Lina is standing here next to you”, and then they both started crying.


I believe that she truly sees her, also because she couldn’t possibly know details such as her hair, which by the way I did not even know about either. Nevertheless, I don’t know how to handle this, aside from reassuring her that I believe what she is telling me. Help me understand. I am happy that she is my Angel, because she was a person who loved the Madonna unconditionally, and gave people immense spiritual serenity.


Thank you for having dedicated your time to me.


Seeing Spirits and talking to them children’s abilities is the experience from Daniela




Seeing Spirits and talking to them children’s abilities


Seeing Spirits and talking to them


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