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The Angels in my life

The Angels in my life a dream


The Angels in my life : hello Sara, I would like to share my testimonial about Angels with you, so that everyone may trust these wonderful friends who never abandon us.


Everything started with a dream, I found myself in an antique castle from the 700’s, with many doors and I was looking out of a balcony, observing the starry sky … so many emotions and so many questions, as I was immersed in the vision of this immensity of firmament.


Suddenly, I heard music, it was gentle, sweet, it distracted me from my thoughts and with great shock I saw groups of Angels of all ages parading in front of me, suspended in the air. They were all dressed in silver and white clothes, and their faces were pink.


I woke up a little intimidated, asking myself the reason behind the dream … a premonition, or the fruit of my subconscious?


I got dressed, went to work still full of questions, yet happy from his wonderful dream.


I quickly received the answer … I spoke with a coworker and he told me that he is the president of the “The New Angels” association, which gives moral support to all people who lost a loved one.


From that dream on, my life changed.


Without knowing how to, I have been making Angels made of cloth, and I give them as a gift to people who need to believe in the Guardian Angel.


I wrote a poem dedicated to my Guardian Angel, he allowed me to win the third prize at a national poem competition, however, my purpose was not to win, during the award ceremony I managed to, in front of an audience of poems and university professors, transmit my belief about believing and seeking your own Guardian Angel, and with extreme shock, because I am typically shy, and never speak to an audience.


This is my life, and I thank God for this gift.


Thank you Sara, and sorry if I wrote too long a letter, I am sending you a kiss


The Angels in my life a dream is the experience from Patrizia




The Angels in my life a dream


The Angels in my life


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