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My Angel I beg you don’t leave me

My Angel I beg you don’t leave me with this fear


My Angel I beg you don’t leave me : dear Sara Luce, I just wanted to share with you what happened to me yesterday; as always, I am going through a stressful moment in time, and problems are always present, however my faith always helps me, I know; let me take a little step back. A couple of months ago I ended up in hospital because I felt very weak and my head kept spinning, they told me I was suffering from Orthostatic Hypotension, which means that every time I get up from a sitting on a chair, or laying down, my pressure drops rapidly, because there isn’t an abundant flow of blood in my organs; therefore they just told me to be careful each time I change position, to do it more gradually.


A few days went by, and since I no longer had the problem, I completely forgot about it, and went on with my normal life.


Yesterday at the seaside, however, before I was about to go for a swim I felt strange, and as I entered the water everything started spinning, I quickly told myself it was due to the heat and that I had not eaten a lot of food. I asked my mother if she had brought something, but since it had been an impromptu visit at the sea, we did not have any food with us, just water. I did not drink the water because I already felt nauseous and I felt it was best to not drink anything. My father looked for a snack bar nearby, but there was nothing.


We stayed there a little longer, at some point I told my parents “We need to leave, I don’t feel well”. Everyone started to quickly get up to leave, and I remembered the words of the doctors, that I shouldn’t get up too fast, which I did, and it turned out to be a bad idea. I put everything down, reaching the car seemed an impossible ordeal, I asked my father if I could lean on his arm because I could not walk, I knew I was about to pass out, because every step was becoming heavier and heavier, and I could not stand up. My only thought was “My Angel, please don’t abandon me, don’t let me pass out here”, I asked him because this was a rather isolated place. I was afraid because I had never felt like that.


Unfortunately the beach was not busy, we had a long way to go still and there was nobody around, my face had turned white, with purple lips, the worst thing was that I could not see clearly, all around me all I could see was shadows, I could deduct that it was a case of a drop in blood pressure, but the sensation was horrible, I was seeing everything black and my mother was talking desperately, looking for someone to help us.


Suddenly I heard my mother asking two couples if they had any candy, or any food to eat, but all they had was some jam. I ate the jam, drank some water, and very slowly everything started returning to normal again. I really did get scared on that occasion, because I had never felt such a sensation.


Now, call me Angel obsessed, but to me, my Angel is the one who placed those people there, also because those people also had decided at the last minute to spend a couple of hours at the sea, but they also had not brought any food with them.


Coincidence? Who knows? And what if my Angel had not pushed them to go there?”


Thank you Sara for listening to me, as always.


My Angel I beg you don’t leave me with this fear is Roberta’s testimonial



My Angel I beg you don’t leave me with this fear


My Angel I beg you don’t leave me


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