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Guardian Angel images and phrases

Guardian Angel images and phrases that save


Guardian Angel images and phrases : hello Sara this is Laura, about a month ago I had a dream: I saw my defunct grandparents again, they were in their home and I was thanking my grandfather for all those times he protected my oldest son; then I turned around, and next to him there was a man with milky white complexion, his face was very sweet, full eyes, eyes of pure love, he was good, I suspected he was my Guardian Angel, and he told me “Soon he will be hit by a car (talking about my oldest son) and I told him “But will he be OK? will he survive?” but he smiled sweetly and with the language of the mind he told me “Relax”.


In the morning I woke up devastated, I told my husband and my son about the dream, and I felt a horrible sensation gripping me, I even told them the location on the road where it was going to happen.


I told my son not to ride a bicycle, and not to go down that stretch of road, he paid attention to me at the beginning, but eventually he decided to go anyway.


I must specify that before he left, I had put in his wallet a picture of his grandparents, a little image of the Guardian Angel and a key ring with an Angel.


When he came back home (thank God he returned) he told me that in the very point of the road that I had indicated, a car was about to crush him while driving in reverse, and that if he had not been alert, he would have been hit.


Guardian Angel images and phrases that save is Laura’s experience




Guardian Angel images and phrases that save


Guardian Angel images and phrases


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