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The prayer to the Guardian Angel

The prayer to the Guardian Angel experiences


The prayer to the Guardian Angel : I was driving back from Lecce toward Velletri, it was about 2 in the morning, near the highway exit of Valmontone I was forced to stop in a rest area for a restroom break; it was a balmy and starry night; I got out of the car which I had left parked in neutral, with the handbrake on.


I had my back on the car, and I could hear behind me the movement of cars and semis and at a certain point I heard a car’s horn persistently on, and I thought between myself “Did they all agree to honk to say hello to me?” I turned around and I saw my car slowly rolling away, it had already rolled between the passing lane and the slow lane; I was blinded by some other car’s high beam and my first thought was “someone is stealing my car”, but then I realized that there was nobody inside it.


I ran to the driver’s side, I opened the door, got on and tried to turn on the engine … no luck … a few moments of terror …. cars and trucks were swerving to avoid hitting my car …. their horns were like infernal sounds ….


I got out of the car, released the emergency break and tried to push it to the side .. nothing …. maybe it was because of the incline, or maybe because the car was too heavy … I just couldn’t move it.


I was looking at the lights of oncoming traffic … I truly experienced tremendous fear … in that moment I realized that perhaps my time had come …


I started to pray …. as I prayed I remember I also said “Guardian Angel, if my time has come, make sure there will be no innocent victims”


In that precise moment, I felt a gust of wind, I made one last attempt to move the car, and this time it started to move without any effort; I pushed it 4 or 5 meters, it was as if that bulk of metal suddenly had turned into something really lightweight; I don’t know what I thought in that moment, but I was safe.


I am sure that my Guardian Angel was the orchestrator behind it all.


I don’t know if what I described is to be considered a testimonial, but I know one thing for a fact: my life changed for the better.


The prayer to the Guardian Angel experiences is Fulvio’s testimonial




The prayer to the Guardian Angel experiences


The prayer to the Guardian Angel


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