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Healing with Angels and Archangels

Healing with Angels and Archangels experiences


Healing with Angels and Archangels : so, it all happened two years ago (I will make a long story short so as not to bore you) my mother had always been talking about Angels, but I personally never talked to them, I believed them to be far away, and then, two years ago I started to have extremely sharp pains, I underwent all sorts of tests, I went to numerous specialists, but nobody could tell me why I was feeling so sick, and then to top it all up I had a fall and I ended up fracturing my L3 vertebrae.


People started saying that someone had placed an evil spell on me, and that if I did not go to have it removed I would certainly end up dead, judging by how I was feeling!!! I believed them!!! but suddenly, I thought of the Angels, I read everything I could, since I was stuck in bed for a month, and I had plenty of time in my hands ….


How does one contact them???? I started to just to talk to them, one afternoon I was on my own, I felt a strong but clear voice inside me, erupting and telling me “Yes!! Angels exist!!!”


The voice was so powerful I got scared!!! whose voice was that??? I was there alone!!


Everything became clear, the weight in my stomach vanished forever, and I was crying tears of joy!!!


At the first checkup visit for my fracture they had reported a deterioration …. I called upon Archangel Raphael, we worked together on my fracture and at the second check up the doctor told me “Madam, this is unbelievable, the fracture has disappeared!!”


I did not answer, but I knew that already!!


Now they are with me every day!!!


Healing with Angels and Archangels experiences is Katia’s testimonial




Healing with Angels and Archangels experiences


Healing with Angels


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