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Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby

Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby inside the womb


Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby : my girl friend and I first met years ago, we were in the same school, we were both teachers; when I met her she was pregnant, she was as single mother, and so I decided to be present in the delivery room with her; she was afraid of being there alone, and for me it was such an honor to be in the delivery room with her because, even though I have children of my own, it was a fascinating experience to witness a birth, while not having to feel any of the pain yourself; my friend gave birth to Michele, it was an incredible experience, jokingly she told me that I actually got to see her son even before she did, and it’s true, because I did see his little head come out, and then the entire body before his mother could see him, since they did not have a mirror.


Sadly, tragically my friend passed away suddenly, a few months after giving birth to her son, since then the baby has been raised by her parents.


The boy, Michele, signed up to the school where his mother used to teach, and this year he has become my student in my class. It’s with a heavy heart that I teach him every day, I never told him that I was there when he was born, because I did not want other students to feel he was receiving a special treatment, and I did not really want to make him think of his mother, perhaps his grandparents did tell him something, perhaps that I had been in the delivery room, but I am not sure, they do know that his mother and I were good friends.


Now Michele is 9 and a half.


Last week I gave my classroom some homework; they had to write an essay on the oldest memories they had. While we were chatting in preparation for their essay-writing exercise, the majority of my students talked about their kindergarten experience, others wrote about daily cures or old toys, memories of when they were about 3 or 4 years old.


Michele raised his hand and told me that he remembered looking at everyone from up above in the Sky, and being in his mother’s womb before being born, he told me that while he was waiting to be born, he was invisible and he was in my grey car, on the trip to the hospital, and the radio was broadcasting a song (I recognized it….) and this was strange because at the time I did own a grey car.


My heart started beating furiously, how could he know? not even his grandparents knew about it, and his mother couldn’t possibly have told him before she died, also because the baby was only 3 months old …


Then Michele said that we stopped to get some gas, and to ask for directions on how to get to the hospital, this did happen indeed, then Michele said that he would have wanted to have me as a mother by the kind way I was speaking to the man at the gas station, then he said that the hospital parking lot was partly closed due to road work and I had parked in a corner in order to be able to run into the hospital, at this point, since everything he had said was correct, my jaw was hitting the ground, even the entire class reacted in surprise, Michele could not have possibly known that I was present at his birth, the class was possibly thinking that this story was a little crazy …


Then Michele said the most incredible thing: he said that while his biological mother was in the delivery room, and he knew she was not going to live for very long, and he was afraid he was going to be left on his own, he asked God if I could become his mother and apparently, he was told that I could not become his mother, but that everything was going to turn out all right, and the he would continue to be in my proximity throughout his life, but he insisted in asking if I could become his mother ….


Michele continued on saying that he was with me when I left the delivery room to make a phone call, my cell phone’s reception was not good and so I was looking around for a payphone, even this little detail was correct, while I was near this phone I felt very cold, and he saw that as I turned around I found a sweater and I wore it to keep warm, my hair was standing up by now as I listened to him, I hate to admit it but I had indeed found a very nice warm sweater in the hospital waiting room, and I wore it because I was very cold and I waited to see if someone was going to claim their sweater back, but nobody did, and I felt so very cold, so I kept it, I am ashamed of it, until I arrived home, but even down to the details of the sweater, only I alone knew about it, I never talked about it with anyone because I was too ashamed, yet Michele talked about it ….


Michele then told me that he listened in on my phone call, and that was his last memory, Michele was born 30 minutes after my phone call.


Later on, in private, I told Michele, “Yes, I was there when you were born, how did you know all these things?” and he answered “It’s easy, I just had to go back to my very first memories”


I write to all of you with the greatest sincerity, as a proof that there must really be some kind of Paradise out there.


Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby inside the womb is Nicoletta’s testimonial




Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby inside the womb


Pregnancy and delivery memories of a baby


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