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Stories of animals sent from the other side

Stories of animals sent from the other side cats and dogs


Stories of animals sent from the other side : sometimes we happen to meet people by chance, but we end up having a very good feeling with them, well, this happens with animals too; this is what happened to one of my cousins, she lived in the city and never had any cats or dogs, she did not even know how to relate to them, she was even a little afraid of them.


When she retired she left the city and moved to the countryside where her mother lived; she lovingly tended to her mother however a few a few years her mother passed away, it was a tough adjustment for her to now find herself alone, and so I suggested she took on a cat or a dog. Her reply was that she did not care to have a pet.


After a few months, she called me and told me that there was a dog in her garden, it had been there for a few days, and did not seem to want to leave. Slowly, she started to feed it and, with each day, she started to get closer to it, she gave him a name and ended up falling in love with him, and thinking that he was a “gift from the Sky”, who had come into her life to help her get more motivated by having someone to look after.


It’s been over a year since the dog appeared in her house, and it’s still there!


And now I will tell you the story that affects me; I too live alone, I have one son who is an adult by now, and has his own life, and so I have three cats in my house to keep me company. I had a very strong bond with someone in my life who, after five years spent together, sadly passed away.


It happened in May two years ago, and in May of this year, one Sunday morning, as I opened the door that leads to the garden, I saw a beautiful Siamese cat (to me, a Siamese cat had always been the most desirable because I had owned one when I was very young, and I knew they are special cats).


Surprisingly, the cat let me pet him, he even walked into my home, I was magnetically attracted to him, and then I fed him. He behaved as if he had always lived with me in my house, and he wanted much more than food … he wanted caresses!!! I immediately “perceived” a very special bond with him, not like all other times it happened when I met other animals … but ... this one was …. almost human! Even though I had always loved and adored cats, I could tell that with this one … there was a very strong and special bond, to the point where I decided to call him LOVE, even though I had never called a pet by this name before.


The morning after his arrival unfortunately I had to go out of town for a week, and so I left him outside, just like I do with my three other cats, as they are free to roam in the garden. I left water and food for their nourishment, when I went back, he was still there waiting for me.


Allowing the other three cats to accept him was not easy, it’s been three months, but it feels like he has always been with me!


One other special detail that shook me, one day I noticed that on the right hand side of the cat’s neck there was a wound, which I tended and made sure it healed. Well, even the person I was in love with …. had a wound on the right hand side of his neck, which ultimately turned out to be the cause of his demise!!!


I therefore thought that from the other side they must send us animals to look after and they can ... somehow … take the place of those who … left us, to fill the void with love! Lovingly tending to the cat while he was wounded for several days, was like tending to the person I had loved, because it had not been possible for me to do it back then, for reasons I can not mentions …

thank you!


Stories of animals sent from the other side cats and dogs are the words from Antonia




Stories of animals sent from the other side cats and dogs


Stories of animals sent from the other side


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