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How Angels feel

How Angels feel sweet presence in the peace


How Angels feel : hello dearest Sara, I would like to share with you another wonderful experience that happened to me in the last few days; a few nights ago I was in Catania, at my parents’ home, we were watching a film on TV when suddenly, maybe because I was feeling a little tired from the trip to my parents, I fell asleep so deeply that I could not wake up even if I wanted to, in fact, my mother later told me that she was speaking to me during the film, but I could not hear her, I could not wake up; while I was sleeping something extraordinary happened!


A few months ago I happened to feel extremely light, and more and more removed away from my body, and while I was feeling as if I was floating, I had a sensation of peace, happiness and much, much Love; I was feeling like flying, I felt a very sweet presence was giving me affectionate caresses on my face and on my chin, they were feather light, but they made me feel so good! I was so happy!


All this only lasted a few moments, even though to me it felt like it went on for much longer! then, abruptly, I felt myself being sucked back into my body and everything returned to normal, and that’s when I woke back up!


I was sure of it, it was not a dream, it was something else, it was too beautiful! I am sure that the touch I felt on my face was that of my Guardian Angel, because every evening I pray for him to stay near me, and help me with my life issues, especially when it comes to my health!


A warm goodbye from me and my parents!!!


How Angels feel sweet presence in the peace are Sabrina’s words




How Angels feel sweet presence in the peace


How Angels feel


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