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Stories of ghosts real experiences

Stories of ghosts real experiences with spirits


Stories of ghosts real experiences : I would like to share something that happened to me a while ago, I was going home, I was extremely tired, and I realized that I had not purchased the milk as I had promised to my good wife, and I knew I would have never heard the end of it, especially because it was for our daughter’s breakfast the following morning; I arrived to the local grocery store, I walked in, it was almost closing time, I grabbed the milk and ran to back my parked car.


I tried to start the car, nothing, no life, I was desperate “And now what do I do?”


A woman in her fifties approached me and told me “It doesn’t seem to start, let me see what I can do” and then she asked me to start the car, and the car did start. I wanted to thank her for her help, but she said “No, you know that we all pay for the help sooner or later, there is no need, you may go” and I got in the car.


To get home I still had 18km to drive, I was fairly close, but as a shortcut I took a secondary road; as soon as I entered the road, the car stopped again. “Oh God, and now, what do I do?”, since it was a secondary road there were hardly any cars passing by, it was 8:15pm. I opened the hood, I put the danger warning triangle on the road, and I started walking away, and that’s when the same lady as before showed up, I said “Madam, my car is not far from here, it broke down again, and besides, what are you doing here?” she replied “I am here for my daughter, if you can give me a hand” and I saw, in a canal on the side of the road, there was a car, upside down, and someone was inside, I put my bag on the ground and started calling, a girl answered “I am here”.


I asked myself how I could help, the phone did not work, I could scream but there was nobody, I was terrified at the idea of not being able to help her, and so I noticed that even the lady was no longer with me, she had disappeared, with a stone I broke the window, I immediately tried to pull her out, she told me “give me something to drink please” … “but I don’t have anything to give you”, then I thought “I do, I have milk”, I ran back to the car and took the milk, I gave her a sip, and tried to move her toward the edge of the car, when she told me “No, leave me here, my mum is here with me too” … “Where? There is nobody inside the car”, I could not see, I did not understand, I tried to call the emergency services and the phone got through, and while I waited for the ambulance I caressed her and she told me “Don’t leave me alone, you know, it’s horrible to die alone” and I tried to comfort her “Come on, you will be all right”, I touched her hair, she was getting colder to the touch, and then she finally perished in my arms.


The ambulance arrived, they told me to move, I told the police what had happened and in their opinion she had been there for about three hours, she had an accident and the other person involved in the accident did not stop to help.


At that point I went back to my car, and in the car was the lady, the woman who told me “Thank you, you made my daughter happy, for the last time thank you” and she disappeared.


I went away in shock, even my wife noticed it, and later I told her everything that had happened, I still have goose bumps on my skin, and I no longer drive down that road at night.


Thanks to everyone


Stories of ghosts real experiences with spirits are Carmelo’s words




Stories of ghosts real experiences with spirits


Stories of ghosts real experiences


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