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Celestial Being on a mission

Celestial Being on a mission and guiding me


Celestial Being on a mission : I was reading one of the testimonials you had published, the story of a girl who had distractedly forgotten her laptop on a bench in the underground station, and, thanks to the intervention of a ‘man’ who found her laptop, who later disappeared (Stories Of Angels In Milan); something similar happened to me also, exactly in an underground station, my story is very similar to the one I read, the train arrived but I forgot a folder full of important business documents on the bench.


I got on the train, the doors closed, and I immediately remembered my folder, only instead of seeing a person there, I heard a voice telling me “Calm down, you will find it, next to a gentleman”.


I obviously went right back to the station with the next train, I found a gentleman, seated next to the bench with the folder, he smiled at me, and I thanked him.


We know that even with the Bible often there are stories of Angels as human beings, only more perfect, who can subsequently disappear from our vision, they become invisible.


Those are the abilities of the extraterrestrial Angels, with their powerful astral body, on a mission and guiding us, they are God’s messengers for us human beings of this dimension, where and when we deserve it.


Celestial Being on a mission and guiding me are Antonio’s words




Celestial Being on a mission and guiding me


Celestial Being


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