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Stories of Angels in Milan Italy

Stories of Angels in Milan Italy in the underground train


Stories of Angels in Milan Italy : it was the end of a long work day in Milan; I was feeling tired and even depressed from an emotional situation that was a little unstable … (moreover I was beginning to feel flu like symptoms; in fact I did come down with the flu pretty soon after that)


I was sitting on a bench with a coworker, my pc was in its pretty briefcase, leaning against me.


The metro train arrived and so we all ran toward the train en masse … the doors closed behind my back … my coworker looked at me and asked: “did you take the PC?”




The doors had already closed and the train was slowly moving already …. I turned around toward the doors and my laptop was still there …. on the red bench … in one second I felt my blood freeze: all my music, my important work documents, pictures, memories, it was all there ….


I covered my eyes with my hand … it was a true gesture of desperation … but once I took my hand off my face, I saw the incredulous look of my coworker who had been staring at the laptop …. next to it, a man had literally appeared out of nowhere.


The man smiled, he already had my laptop in his hand … he smiled and looked at me while we were moving behind the train window .. he smiled and nodded at me … a gesture to mean I WILL WAIT FOR YOU.


People around me could clearly see the kind of panic I had fallen into, and the rush with which I got off the train at the next station …. I ran back to catch the train in the opposite direction … I ran …. I reached the man, who was actually really still there waiting for me.


He was in his sixties, I think, he was tall, with a long white beard and the sweetest eyes …. the most luminous, tender, compassionate, understanding eyes I had ever seen in my life.


He was waiting for me.


Without much ado he gave me back the laptop, he did not give me his name, I could feel my heart beating frantically post panic … I was crying.


He put his hand on my shoulder and said “Calm down” and everything was ok. Immediately.


My breathing became regular … the heart was calm … I felt SAFE.


I asked the man: “You are my Angel, aren’t you?” He answered: “I was here because I was waiting for someone, but now I can leave … he didn’t show up”.


There was something about him, I can’t explain it … serenity … yes, a calm voice, without any accent …. it was perfect ….


Just for a moment I covered my eyes to dry my tears, and that’s when my colleague asked me: “Where did the man go?”


I turned around … and he was gone … just like he had appeared, he had vanished. In an instant. He was next to me, seated next to me, and he was not there anymore … I didn’t know his name, not even how to find him ….


My train arrived and I got on .. I felt as if I was in a trance: thoughts were running through my head, yet I could not say anything. Who was that man? How did he appear and disappear in an instant? Did the things that had happened in the last half hour really happen?


Two days passed. I still thought about him all the time. Inside my heart I was left with a unique emotion of a meeting with an Angel. However, even if he had not been an Angel, I still thank my Angel for having brought that Man to me.


Stories of Angels in Milan Italy in the underground train is Manuela’s testimonial




Stories of Angels in Milan Italy in the underground train


Stories of Angels in Milan Italy


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