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Angels flowers experiences

Angels flowers experiences


Angels flowers : you know, Sara Luce, I am not the kind of person that talks about myself very much, that tells people what I do, I just do what I feel is right, good, I do it, and that is it, and it’s for this reason that for the last few years I have been helping this Church: I keep it tidy, I tend to the flowers, I check who will be reading at Mass, who enters and wants a confession, etc. … there are many things that need to be done inside a Church, and I do them with love.


You will smile now, one of my previous employers, I used to work in a bar, even followed me, because she was convinced that I had started working somewhere else, imagine the surprise she got when she saw me dedicating myself to the Church with my new commitment, now that I am retired.


You know, people leave cards by the altar to the Madonna, they are requests for help, they put them behind the sheet at the base of the statue, I know, but I leave them all there, the Madonna knows ….


Sometimes they leave flowers, maybe just a single flower resting on the altar of Jesus or Saint Joseph, or the Guardian Angel …. but they leave them there, resting, with no water ….


Ten days ago I noticed that someone had left a white rose at the base of the statue of the Guardian Angel, the flower was all wilted, however, I said to myself “If someone brought you this white rose, they must have had their reasons, and therefore I will leave it here”. I cut a little piece from the stem, I put it in a little jar with water, and I placed it in front of the statue of the Guardian Angel.


The following day, if you had seen that white rose …. it was a sight to behold! It was beautiful, truly fantastic, alive in all of its splendor, wonderful, a real wonder.


It was such a beautiful emotion that I felt, only once before I felt such an emotion, it was with a red rose at the feet of the Statue of Jesus ….. also on that occasion the rose was almost wilted, I once again placed it at Jesus’ feet, as an homage to that faithful person, I cut a piece of the stem, placed a little jar and water ….. it came back to life again! You should have seen the petals, a velvety red, wonderful, and it lasted one whole week, it was amazing.


So here, my life is also made of these little great wonders.


Now I will leave, the Mass is about to start, but I already prepared everything. Bye


Angels flowers experiences in a Church is Antonella’s testimonial




Angels flowers experiences


Angels flowers


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