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The deceased are near us

The deceased are near us my mother’s story


The deceased are near us : I want to tell you one of the many stories that happened to me; on the 26th of August 2005, my beloved mum passed away, I am an only child so the trauma was very bad for me.


I already knew that there was nothing that we could do, we took her to the Emergency Room, the cardiologist said “Her heart is extremely fragile”.


They kept her in the hospital for a week before she died.


I remember that she was reluctant to wash herself, she was always cold; I encouraged her to move, so as not to remain paralyzed in bed.


Two nights before she left us I said to her “I will wash you when you won’t be able to get up any more”. On the last evening, I don’t know why, I decided to wash her.


That night, she passed away at 4:30 am, I was not there, the hospital would not allow guests to stay overnight.


In the morning they called me with the sad news. The anguish was such that I could not even find my shoes and clothes to run to her; I tried to calm myself down … I lived 15 kilometers from the hospital.


I arrived in her room, I found her with her eyes open …. what a blow!


During the following 24 hours many people came to pay their respects; after the funeral I returned home and I found her shoes on the rug by the bed …? in that specific moment I did not think of it or anything at all, I just wanted to sleep so I did not have to think.


I cried all the tears I had … I developed a fever to 40 centigrade (104F)


After two days I returned to work, I delivered bread and that day I saw a little girl I did not recognize, she appeared out of nowhere, she was looking at the bread I was bagging for a client… she walked around me two times, and then disappeared.


The fact is that this happened in a little district of our town where everyone knows everyone … I researched all day … nothing.


I went to my grandmother’s house, from my mother’s side, I rummaged through the pictures of my mum when she was a little girl … it was HER!!!!


I am speechless.


I went to the house where my mother lived her last few days before being taken to the hospital.


During the night I could hear her walking, going to the bathroom, dragging her slippers as she used to do … this lasted one entire month.


I was slowly going crazy, and then one day the phone rang, the numbers showed as unknown, I answered “Hello?”, a metallic voice answered “It’s mum” … I thought of a joke in really bad taste, and I hung up.


I was constantly crying… one night I dreamed of her in a green field, I ran to her “Mum you came back!!! are you well? (She used to take a lot of medication, she kept them in a basket), “Mum don’t forget your medication” I continued… she replied “I am well, I don’t need the medicines anymore. I want you to stop crying, I am feeling fantastic … I will always be there”.


I woke up, and I understood the message.


I know she is always near me.


The deceased are near us my mother’s story are the words from Pompea




The deceased are near us my mother’s story


The deceased are near us


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