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Messages from Guardian Angels

Messages from Guardian Angels experiences


Messages from Guardian Angels come to us sometimes in the form of an internal little voice, we hear a voice inside us giving us their messages, often they are situations of danger, moments that put us in danger, and so our Guardian Angel tries to intervene, listening to it means removing the danger; now we just need to read the beautiful testimonial from Pamela.


I was six years old, my sister was one year old, it was back in 1976. We were with our grandfather, in front of the butcher shop, it was full of people, both inside and outside the shop.


My grandfather needed to join the line, so he told me to sit on the bench at the entrance of the shop, with my sister in her stroller next to me. He was two meters away from us, standing in line, and he was talking to us.


When his turn came to be served, he turned his back on us to speak to the butcher.


A young man approached me, asking me who my sister was, and what her name was. I answered. Then he asked me to see how she walked, to make her get off the stroller. I refused, because I was afraid I was not going to be able to put her back into the stroller later, she always refused to be put in the stroller. He then ordered me to go get my grandfather, because he needed to tell him a very important thing, and that he was going to look after my sister.


I went to get my grandfather, I turned my back on him, and that’s when I heard a loud voice inside me, telling me “Turn around and look at your sister, if you go away, she will cry”


I turned around and I saw the young man running away with the stroller with my sister inside!


In full panic I chased after him, screaming as loud as I possibly could. Since he could not escape due to the crowds, he abandoned the stroller and ran away alone.


I was shaking, I took the stroller back, with my sister still in it, and went back to the bench, to this date whenever I recall what happened my heart misses a beat.


Messages from Guardian Angels experiences are the words of Pamela




Messages from Guardian Angels experiences


Messages from Guardian Angels


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