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Daily life experiences

Daily life experiences the meaning of pain


Daily life experiences : dear Sara Luce, I would like to share with you so many wonderful situations and circumstances that happen every now and then, that give me an enormous relief to my daily life which sometimes appears hard and disheartening, I know quite well that this is not possible, however, I feel pushed to talk about a little (big) episode that happened recently, experiences of life.


I was trying to keep up with a girl who was almost 2 years old, I tripped and fell on the ground, I waited a few seconds in shock, to then realize that, instead of falling on top of the little one, as it should have happened given the trajectory of where I was going, somehow I “moved” to one side; and not only that, as I was falling down head first, I find something to hold on to, so I avoided hitting my head, of the entire fall, all I felt was a very slight discomfort to one ankle; I got up, and kept going for the rest of the day, thinking of how lucky we had both been, not getting injured at all.


However, in the evening, as I was going to bed, I did feel an excruciating pain to the same ankle, both inside and externally, I realized it was going to be impossible to get up from the bed by myself, I was going to have to ask for help for every need, and, worse still, at that point, in my mind I started to imagine the situation for the following day, I will have so many errands to run, professional and persona, there is the little one, then the older daughter to take to school, my husband to leaves extremely early, and I will need to go to the doctor, I felt a fever coming up, my teeth were chattering and I could not move, at that point I closed my eyes.


The state of growing anguish stopped immediately, I thought of my dad and from him I thought to my Angelic Guides, it was all one thing, then so much tranquility, all around me there was peace, and just one thought took priority, my situation could also take a different course from the one I had projected a little earlier.


I could have put my hands on the point that hurt, and think that the pain only surfaced in the evening –because- during the day I would not have been able to rest, but now I could, therefore the following morning everything was going to be ok. I tried to open my heart to accept this precious suggestion.


And so it happened, no trace of pain or discomfort, nothing, I could do everything, even jumping and dancing! from the memory of the night before all I had now was a lot of joy and a certainty that reverberated inside me, there are many options in every existential journey, and if we recognize the right one, it means that we have been able to take a step forward.


Thank you dad, thank you Angels, thank you Sara Luce, thank you God.


Daily life experiences the meaning of pain are the words from Sara




Daily life experiences the meaning of pain


Daily life experiences


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