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There is the death of the body

There is the death of the body but the Spirit lives on


There is the death of the body : hello Sara, writing to you is like therapy for me, I feel this sensation, because I am able to share what happens to me with you, and with all other people who read your site, and I know I will be understood; I wrote to you in the past and you have always given me your sweet answers, a reflection of your infinite sensitivity; in the past I wrote to you with regard to Sandro, the love of my life, who disappeared on 22nd July 2011, meaning he went back to the Sky; he gave me, and still gives me, many times, proof of his closeness.


Then, last year I wrote to you about my brother who was gravely ill, with problems with his colon. Four years of terrible suffering; Lele, however, always had a smile on his face, he gave strength to us, as opposed to the other way around. Then last year, on 22nd October, he too passed on and returned to the Sky.


A few days before his death, 20th October to be exact (it was the anniversary of Sandro’s birthday) I specifically asked Sandro to give me a sign, perhaps, that Lele return to the Sky his same exact day, 22nd October, that way I would know that now he was going to be with him. I asked him this because in those days Lele was at the very end of his life, the doctors had told him that it was a matter of hours before he would leave us. And so it was: exactly on the 22nd of October, at 6 in the morning, I received the phone call from Lele’s wife that he had left us at 4 am. He passed away on the same day as Sandro (he had passed on 22nd of July), and so the sign had been granted to me.


Now, almost a year since my brother’s death, we all hug together to remember him, always with a smile, just like he would have wanted, there is the death of the body, it’s true, but the spirit continues on and who knows how many things it does under the direction of spiritual guides, always and in any case thanks to the will of God, our infinite Father.


I just wanted to tell you about this very nice part.


There is the death of the body but the Spirit lives on are the words from Angela




There is the death of the body but the Spirit lives on


There is the death of the body


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