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Dreaming of departed ones

Dreaming of departed ones who have just passed


Dreaming of departed ones : it’s a gift to dream of people who just passed on, at night, just a few hours after their deaths, and in our dreams we meet with those we love, who want to reassure us of their serenity they just conquered, of the fact that life continues after life on earth, a goodbye, and an image to leave with our heart, to bring comfort to our pain, to our nostalgia; let’s listen to Sara’s testimonial


I would need an entire book to tell you about my experience, but I will try to be brief.


My beloved grandmother Elena was well, however, for some time I had been sensing something, sometimes I would struggle to read her look; just the thought that something could happen to her made me feel sick. She was a strong woman, 4 children, widow at the age of 40, she had always worked and always with a smile on her face, and her splendid eyes.


She had an ictus, her left side was left paralyzed, and in two weeks she left us.


While she was in a coma I stayed with her every night, I told her that she could leave if she wanted, that she was free, that we were well, my aunt did not agree, but this is what we needed to tell her.


I tried to open her eyes, and we saw that she had the eyes she had had when she was young, a wonderful emerald green. I felt that the eye is the mirror of the Soul, and in a way that transmitted a feeling of incredible peace.


The same evening she left us from her earthly body, she came to me in a dream, and told me with her usual optimism, that she was well, she was in a bed of solid wood, the old fashioned type of beds, and there was a young man (I thought it might be my grandfather, whom I never met) she told me that it was all good, and, moving her left arm, laughing and speaking in local dialect, she told us “Look! I am well, all is well!”


I woke us feeling surrounded by a sense of peace and unexpected tranquility.


Before the funeral, in the visiting room with other relatives, my brother told me he had dreamt of her, that she was well.


Dreaming of departed ones who have just passed are the words of Sara




Dreaming of departed ones who have just passed


Dreaming of departed ones


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