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Goodnight with the Angels

Goodnight with the Angels images of an experience


Goodnight with the Angels: my first and only experience with one of these Beings, my experience with Angels, it goes back to one night many years ago, I could not honestly tell you if I really witnessed it, or if I “created it” in my mind during a state of half-sleep.


In any case, I would like to offer my, until now ONLY and unrepeated male testimony.


A person with a beautiful face but with blurred features, I could not tell if he was a man or a woman, was walking lightly, suspended in the air, dressed in what seemed like a green tunic, he walked into the open window (on the sixth floor).


His smile illuminated my heart with a strong and indescribable joy.


I was not afraid, I did feel very “timid”, and an incredible attraction that overwhelmed every sensory perception in an extremely pleasant synesthesia, I felt that it was Love.


Perhaps without speaking, he told me that he was there ONLY for me.


Then I remember a prolonged whirl of sensations that made me feel, while understanding at the same time my littleness, more and more at peace, and in perfect harmony with the World.


I don’t remember anything else.


The following day I woke up with the “strangest” and inexplicable sense of serenity, which renews itself and still accompanies me, to this day, by simply remembering, perhaps, it could have been.


Goodnight with the Angels images of an experience are Massimo’s words




Goodnight with the Angels images of an experience


Goodnight with the Angels


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