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Speaking with Spirit in dreams

Speaking with Spirit in dreams important messages


Speaking with Spirit in dreams : I am a fervent believer and when it comes to dreaming our departed ones, we end up having dreams of them when we least expect it; generally, these dreams warn me of something that is not right, I understand the message even if there is no actual dialogue among us, I do not know how to explain myself.


The strangest dream I had was the one about my uncle, in the dream he told me “you must tell Alba to answer no, and the number 25”; frankly, I did not understand it, because my cousin in question lives a thousand kilometres away from me, however we are indeed very close, and we talk often.


The following morning, I called her, I told her to pay attention to what her father told me. She too had a reckoning.


It has been a good month since then, and one day my cousin’s little child was admitted to hospital, we were all apprehensive, he was suffering from convulsions, sudden passing out, and loss of balance, basically, the doctors told my cousin and her husband they had a couple of hours to decide whether to operate the child or not, they did not know what to do, my cousin remembered about my dream and said no.


Their child was moved to a different ward, with another doctor, who understood immediately what the problem was, and since he got the treatment he never had that problem again, and the bed they had assigned to him was number 25, we were without words.


Apologies for my long message, but I wanted to tell you about my experience.


A strong hug


Speaking with Spirit in dreams important messages are the words from Simonetta




Speaking with Spirit in dreams important messages


Speaking with Spirit in dreams


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