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Finding money on the ground

Finding money on the ground coins and hearts meaning


Finding money on the ground : hello, I stumbled upon your site by accident, even though surely it was not a coincidence; I read various testimonials about the closeness of Angels, and I just wanted to report my personal experience.


Since a little over a year ago I became close to my faith again, thanks to a person with a special gift, I reopened my heart to what is all around us and we do not see.


From the day of the meeting with this lady, who brought back to me the message of the World of Light, I found signs of the presence of Angels (and of my late father) near me, signs made of little coins I would find on the street, and hearts in every shape and material (stains on clothes, food in the shape of a heart, stains on the ground, objects containing hearts, etc.).


The wonderful thing is that I find these coins and hearts on the streets in the most unexpected places and times, especially when I appeal to them in moments of need, and when I ask for a sign that they are listening to me.


My sister is also experiencing the miracle of their presence, since about a year ago, especially during particularly upsetting moments for her, she found some giant hearts. In particular, last year she found a big heart at her house door (it looked like a Christmas tree ornament), and it was decorated with an Angel, and the neatest thing is that she found it at a time of the year far away from Christmas time.


There is not one day I do not thank them for their presence and their help, especially for all the times that they have helped me, even in situations of danger, and every time I find a little coin, I thank them and I save it, to remind myself of how often they help me and are so close to me.


Last Tuesday, while I was working at the supermarket (I was working a shift I do not normally work) I found on the shelves, among the beverages, a little prayer card with the picture of the Madonna and baby Jesus, and the words “Be 25 days of light”. It was a card from the Mormons, I was surprised I had found this exactly the day after I had had a particularly difficult day, where I felt very nervous and angry. It really left me speechless.


Another small coincidence happened as I was writing this very letter, a little light grey little bird flew to my balcony, positioned so I could see it (I am sitting in a location where I can only see a small part of the balcony). I got up to get some bread, but it had already flown away. And these days there is snow everywhere, it was snowing even as the bird flew to me, and I had not seen any birds at all in a very long time!


Thank you for your attention.


Finding money on the ground coins and hearts meaning are the words from Loredana




Finding money on the ground coins and hearts meaning


Finding money on the ground


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