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Manifestations of life after the death

Manifestations of life after the death of my father


Manifestations of life after the death : my father also lets me find small coins, especially when I look for him and ask for signs that he is near me and he listens to me; years ago, I went through a profound crisis, at personal and relationship level with the person I was with, I was afraid of losing him, afraid he would discover the affair I had had (I later decided to tell him about it) I would beg my father to help me, to guide me to do the right thing, I was especially begging that he would not discover this thing because of my fear of losing him; the biggest and nicest signs I received, after asking for them, were the following two.


One happened while I was walking at the port, I found a keychain with a little red and black owl (he was a die-hard of AC Milan Football Club, those were his colors!!!) A few days later I had to deliver a work envelop to a house far away, and before ringing the doorbell I heard I song playing really loud, it was a song from the 90’s that he adored, that he always danced to, for me that is HIS song.


Even now, as I think about it, I feel the same sensation of shock and disbelief.


A further sign of his constant closeness is that a while ago I decided get a tattoo of the little owl I had found, with his initials. As I headed home, I asked the person next to me “I wonder if my father would have approved of what I just did?” … half an hour later, I found the answer, I found 10 Euros on the ground! I took it as him saying I AM VERY HAPPY!!


A few months ago, I received the last unequivocable sign of his listening, and of his presence. It was the end of October, for the last few months I had been praying a lot to my father and to the Angels to give me the wonder of experiencing motherhood for the second time.


My prayers had already been answered beforehand by making my companion change his mind about only having one child … and so it was that he actually told me to go ahead and try for a second one. But since it was not coming, I kept on praying and asking our Archangel Raphael, begging for the grace to have a second child soon, with the promise to give him his name, as a sign of gratefulness, whether the baby be a boy or a girl.


Before going to the cemetery with my mother and my sister, I stopped in front of the picture of my father that I keep in my bedroom, and, loudly, I asked him jokingly “Well, then, shall this miracle take place, dad?”


When I arrived at the cemetery, in front of the wall of little burial recesses, right in front of our family recess, where my father’s remains are buried, right on the ground in front of it I found a letter, like those letters attached to marble graves. It was a letter R. R as in Raphael (O Raffaella, who knows). The strange thing is that there were no missing letters from any of the graves nearby, or newly refurbished ones. Not even in the recesses close to it. And of all the letters that could have been there, it was exactly the letter R! From that day on, my heart was at peace, I understood that Raphael will arrive when the time is right. A few days later, I found a job, and I understood that while it was not the right time, and when the time comes, it will just happen. Meanwhile, I keep the R next to his picture.


One last thing. I have always suspected that my father had “sent” me my companion. Somehow, he reminds me a lot of my father – maybe even a little physically, although not excessively – in a few aspects, for certain ideas in the kitchen for example (I only discovered this over time while living together!) and in particular two of his mannerisms make me suspect it; the first was when he put his back against a door frame and started to scratch his back like a bear, which my father often did because it was very amusing to my mother and I. My companion could not have known about this, and now that he does, he no longer does it! The second thing happened last summer. It was extremely hot, and we were sweating profusely, my boyfriend patted his forehead with a handkerchief; as I was talking to my sister about this, she said: “At least he is not like dad, who would make the sweaty handkerchief stick to his forehead!” and the following day, for the first time, my boyfriend did the exact same thing!


I feel there was some input from my father in all this, in his terrestrial life he was a practical joker, and I believe he still enjoys doing it now. Maybe it is his fault that every now and then the television turns on by itself, especially at night?


Manifestations of life after the death of my father are the words from Loredana




Manifestations of life after the death of my father


Manifestations of life after the death


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