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The Spirit lives after death

The Spirit lives after death manifestations


The Spirit lives after death : my testimonial is going to be a little long, but its events span across the last 20 years, and there are various things to recall; my father left his earthly life in May of 1998; he had been admitted to hospital for some tests, nobody was expecting a sudden death, least of all himself.


They called us a little after 3 in the morning from the hospital, asking us to go visit him because he was unwell. My mother and my older sister left for the hospital, while myself and my other older sister stayed at home. I went back to bed (I was fifteen and I had school the following day) but I could not get back to sleep, I was quite agitated.


In the darkness I saw a golden hand, with a wedding band, that caressed me, and the silhouette gave me the impression that it was the shape of my father’s hand. I believe that must have been his way of saying goodbye to me.


Soon later my sister called us from the hospital, telling us of his passing.


The extraordinary thing is that one of my older brothers, who at the time was already married and lived out of town, woke up at around 4 am and he started recalling various events to do with my father, the things they did together, the days spent fishing. And he had not yet been informed of his death.


I strongly believe that it was my father’s way to say goodbye to him, too.


The day of his funeral, after the ceremony, friends and relatives reached us at home, and as we were talking about him, the chandelier in the living room started to move quite clearly, rotating in a regular rhythm, for a long time. We were all in a state of disbelief, because there was certainly no earthquake going on, it could not be the kids running around, and especially given the fact that the chandelier was old and extremely heavy.


Years later, again, as I was setting the table, I was talking to my sister about dad, and the chandelier started moving on its own one more time, again in a rotating rhythm.


Over the course of the years, several times in our home we perceived intense perfumes, often the dog could smell them, and it would follow the scent around the house. They were very intense and limited to a specific part of a room, then maybe the scent would move, but it would once again be limited to a specific area, as opposed to the entire room. Most of the times, the scent would be located near my mother.


She always says that she feels his presence quite strongly in the house.


Another very nice example, which I remember fondly, happened about 10 years ago. It was 5 or 6 in the morning; I was not sure of the time. I was sleeping with one arm under the pillow. I distinctly felt the mattress side push down, just like when mum would come to wake me up and she would sit on the edge of the bed, immediately after that I had the same sensation on my pillow, it was squashing on one side, as if it were from the weight of someone laying their head on it. I opened my eyes and I realized that it was not my mother. In the morning, when I got up, I suddenly realized that it was my father’s birthday!


Various times he appeared in my dreams, he always has a tranquil air about him, he does not speak, but I understand him anyway.


For years, my mother would dream of him, in her dreams she would ask him not to leave her, to stay together, and he answered that he was preparing a home for them. The last time my mum had this dream, he told her that it was too soon, that it was not the time yet, and since then she stopped having that dream. Even though she still dreams of him every now and then.


Personally, I firmly believe that in our dreams it is him that comes to visit us, and the dialogue with my mother sounds very believable.


I will keep on telling you about my experience on my next letter


The Spirit lives after death manifestations are the words of Loredana



The Spirit lives after death manifestations


The Spirit lives after death


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