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The Soul never dies

The Soul never dies and life continues even after physical death


The Soul never dies : hello dearest Sara, it has been a long time since I first wrote to you, so many things have happened, so many signs from my Angel, and so much special help; I have so many things I would like to tell you, later I would love to find more time and serenity to do it; I recently lost my father, and my mother preceded him by only 15 months, leaving an unfillable void.


She passed away within a month or so, due to a serious illness, between us there was such a strong bond, and discovering that she was due to die soon, and not being able to tell her, was horrible, just as it was horrible having to accompany her to the end.


About a month later I dreamed of her, she was coming toward me, she hugged me and gave me many kisses, I felt all this as if it were real, I could feel he physical aspect of her body, it was wonderful being able to hug her one more time. I understood that she was serene, and all of us children needed to understand it, she came to say goodbye, to let me know that she was well, and to thank me because the night before that I had had a mass service in memory of her parents, as I had promised her, and she was supposed to join us, however, alas, she died before it happened.


A little time later I dreamed of her again. I will explain that she and I had made a pact a long time beforehand, the pact was that when one of us died, God allowing, one would come to the other in a dream, as a confirmation that the Soul never dies, and that life continues even after the physical death.


In the dream we were talking to each other, we were very close, and as I was listening to her, I thought that I had to tell her that she was dead, I did not like the idea very much, because I did not want to give her such shocking news, but at the same time I wanted to be honest with her, as I have always been, and using all my tactfulness, I told her. I told her that she was dead, and that maybe she did not realize.


She stared at me incredulously, as if I were mistaken, she tried to convince me that she was not dead, but that she was positive she was alive, and she kept repeating it, she was very much convinced of it. This dream, for me, was the confirmation I was waiting from her, and that did not take long to arrive.


I am convinced that it was a not a simple dream, but a vision with a very clear message, and this gave me much serenity, and after that even the passing of my father was much more acceptable…now I know that they are together again.


My apologies for the long message … thank you from my heart for everything you do, I have never stopped reading you … I am sure it is of great help and comfort to many people …. A hug to you….


The Soul never dies and life continues even after physical death are the words from Annarella




The Soul never dies and life continues even after physical death


The Soul never dies


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