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Deathbed promises

Deathbed promises the signs from the Sky


Deathbed promises : my beloved mother flew to the Sky last Thursday night, before she left, I asked her to give me signs that she was close to me.


Yesterday we had her funeral, in the afternoon my children, with whom she had a very strong bond, told me that suddenly a painting my son had done, which had been sitting on a shelf for months, suddenly fell off.


My mother and father live across from our front door, this morning the doorbell rang, and when I went to open it, nobody was there!


Even my grandmother (her mother) did the same when she passed away in 2005, I remember talking about this episode with my mother.


She is here, she has given me strength, especially to my father, who cries and is in pieces without her.


Deathbed promises the signs from the Sky are the words from Alessandra




Deathbed promises


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