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Mysteries inexplicable to humans

Mysteries inexplicable to humans strange phenomena


26.03.2021 - Mysteries inexplicable to humans : dear Sara, as I was telling you, a few days following my visit to Saint John The Rotondo, I went for a medical checkup in the town of Reggio Calabria, in the hospital “Riuniti”, near Lamezia Terme; at around 5 in the morning, a black car, a Fiat Punto, passed me, and positioned itself right in front of me, at which point I decided to pass it again, but as I did that, the driver of the black car accelerated and passed me once again; without even realizing it, we started passing each other until we both driving at really high speed.


That is when suddenly, the windshield of my car became completely covered with ice, I could not see anything, nothing at all, truly nothing, and I instinctively pressed the brake pedal to slow down and right after that the windshield quickly returned to normal, within a matter of seconds.


I am sure that it was an intervention from my Angel.


My father and my wife, who were also in the car with me, were left shocked by what had happened, and from then on I drove slowly.


What can I say, God exists and follows us with each step.


Good night


Mysteries inexplicable to humans strange phenomena are the words from Antonio




Mysteries inexplicable to humans strange phenomena


Mysteries inexplicable to humans


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