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Real love stories

Real love stories a brave choice of love


Real love stories : my name is Paola, I am a 57 year old girl, I was about 37 years old when I had the incredible experience; I had been looking after my mother for a number of years, she had been suffering from a rare disease that slowly but progressively robbed her of all movement; at the time there was no such thing as a helper, and we made the brave but also painful choice of love to look after her in our own home.


I will explain that I grew up far away from the church, and my father was an atheist; during that period, I found God and my Guardian Angel; every night I remember I would pray for my mother and for me, without forgetting all my friends, my grandparents and all people close to me.


I would go to bed and I would feel that a presence, which I could not feel, was laying down in bed with me, caressing me and fixing my blankets. I was not afraid; it gave me a sense of infinite peace. Unfortunately, my mother’s health took a turn for the worse; one night, desperate from the tiredness, I asked my Angel the following exact words “Please, let my mother die or let me die”. I turned the light off and my journey began.


A current was running through my body like a scanner, from my head to my feet, making me feel progressively lighter. A suave melody, wonderful, captured me and I saw a girl, dressed as a nun, guiding a choir of children, they were floating, and singing. At some point the girl grabbed me and guided me into a tunnel of light, smiling with love, I could not resist, everything was so perfect, without sadness or pain.


I will always say that going back was the most difficult thing to do in my whole life, and yet, at some point, I asked her to take me back because my husband (who at the time was my fiancée) needed me. And so, she turned around and placed me back into the bed, where I started breathing again.


My Angel let me understand that there were still reasons to be happy in life, and to enjoy our earthly life, letting me choose between death and life and yet, you come back a different person, with some goals and missions, and many many gifts.


Today I can claim with much happiness that on my right-hand side I see a group of Angels who are always helping me and sustaining me in my difficult moments, and even through my moments of happiness.


I feel accompanied, indulged, full of an immense Love to gift, which has no boundaries.


Thank you with all of my light


Real love stories a brave choice of love are the words from Paola




Real love stories a brave choice of love


Real love stories


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