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Scents of life

Scents of life experiences and testimonials


Scents of life : for the last 19 years I have been working for a funeral home, it is a special job, a little unusual, every day you are faced with death and people’s pain; over the years my coworkers and I have sometimes witnessed events that left us speechless, but the most frequent of all is the extremely strong smells of flowers that sometimes fill our rooms as we are about to set up the cremation, or as we enter the various rooms for the showing, needless to say that when this wave of perfume arrives, there are no flowers nor room fresheners, and these waves of perfume leave just as suddenly as they arrive.


One morning, I opened a room, and I was literally overwhelmed by an extremely strong smell of incense, however the room had been closed all night, and nobody had it .


One morning, a gentleman walked in asking for me, he was someone I knew, we left the office to get a coffee. He told me that the night before, around half past twelve, he was outside walking his dog, and as he walked right past our little church (it’s an old church going back to the 1300’s) he swore that, in the silence of the night, he could distinctly hear someone playing the organ …. The church was closed, and the showing rooms are adjacent to the church.


Scents of life experiences and testimonials are the words from Andrea




Scents of life


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