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Communicating with the other side contacts

Communicating with the other side contacts in the dreams


Communicating with the other side contacts : everyone goes through moments of great difficulties in life, our faith lets us know that always, always, always, in everyone’s lives, we are cared for by the sky, and we are helped as much as possible; the testimonial I would like to share with you today talks exactly about how this alert girl was able to receive messages from the other side in her dream, at a time that was very difficult for her; what is not today will happen tomorrow, but let’s listen to how the Sky tried to support her, giving its presence in the pain.


Hello Sara, it must have been two years, maybe three, from my last email to you, I do not know if you might remember me, my name is Anisia, I am now 25, at the age of 22 I started to find hearts everywhere, I found your website and it slowly allowed me to create a rapport with my Guardian Angel.


The last time we spoke I was worried I would not be able to marry, due to the high costs; well, with much happiness I am here to report that the wedding went very well, and we were able to pay for everything.


I am here to write to you now, to tell you what happened afterward.


A few months ago, I had a dream, a man with a red car came to my house, opened every door and the gate doors, one of my coworkers was telling him to close them, but he insisted that they remain open.


Well, on the 4th of March I had a pregnancy test which came back positive, and with much joy I understood that the little old man was opening the doors to a new life.


The night between 18th and 19th of March I had a dream, my leg was covered in blood and a woman was holding me and was helping me walk, and being aware that I was pregnant, she was telling me to calm down, that when it is a light shade of red you are not losing it, if it is a dark shade of red you are indeed losing it; I woke up a little confused, and as I made my way home from work that day, I saw some spotting, obviously we ran to the hospital, where the doctor told me to remain calm, since the blood stains were of a light shade of red, it meant that they were stains of attachment, but that I only needed to worry had the color of the blood been darker; then he proceeded to visit me and told me that nothing was yet visible to the eye, and it was certainly because it was too soon.


A few weeks later, during the Easter week, I dreamt I was inside a shopping center to buy some little white shoes, and to communicate to everyone that I was pregnant, but in my dream I kept losing my handbag, and at some point the dream turned into a nightmare, there was a little girl with a knife and scissors in her hand, she followed me everywhere as I tried to escape, then I found a lottery scratch card with the number 30 – 19 – 104, I took the elevator to try and go up, but I stopped the elevator, and I went to floor 0, where I found my car completely destroyed and the number 24 hanging on the back of it.


That is when I understood that something was not right, as I woman I had a feeling about things, and I always felt as if there was nothing in my womb, as suggested by the gynecologist, I took another test to see if the Beta values had increased, I took the test on the 29th of March, I received the results on the 30th (first number in the dream), when I went into the waiting room to collect the result, I collected a little piece of paper with my waiting list number, and it was 19.104 (the second and third number in the dream); I spoke with the gynecologist, and on that last visit, the result was “internal abortion due to an abnormal egg cell” I will let you imagine our anguish.


They communicated to me that the curettage procedure will take place on April 23; during that week I was really preoccupied, I kept on thinking about my dream and all the numbers that came out, I kept on telling my husband “one number is missing”, and there it was, it came out, on the 22nd of April I received a message from my gynecologist, informing me that the procedure had been postponed from Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th of April.


I will let you imagine what one must feel, it is a pain, and a disappointment that never leaves you, even to date it is still difficult to remember, I often told you in my emails that my Angel keeps on showing me the number 22 and in the months of the pregnancy I would see them all the time, and everywhere.


The “saga” of my dreams concluded one night, following the curettage procedure , after 19 years from the passing of my sister, she showed up in a dream for the very first time (I had never dreamt of her before, and I did not know why I would have dreams of my mother, even of a cousin, and yet my sister would never visit me) I dreamt I was at the house of my father in law, however it was a house I didn’t know, my husband and my father in law were on the sofa, and there was a younger sister of my husband’s (who in reality does not exists) was busy drawing, she got close to me and asked me to color together with her, in her drawing were both my husband and I, from behind, hand in hand, we were walking on a field, I asked the girl why she had colored the sky purple, and she answered “look again, it’s blue, not purple” and in fact it was blue; how did I know it was my sister? I recognized her because of how my mother had always described her to me, and besides that, I just felt it.


While I was pregnant I had prayed so much for everything to be ok, and one day, while praying with the bible, a page opened up to me, I won’t tell you the entire story, but, very briefly, there was a son who had to go on a trip, and he was going to be guided by an Angel, the mother cried because she wanted her son to stay, but that he was going to return to her.


Maybe this was a message for me?


I thank you for the time you dedicated to me, forgive me if I wrote too long a letter, have a nice day, with much affection


Communicating with the other side contacts in the dreams are the words from Anisia




Communicating with the other side contacts in the dreams


Communicating with the other side contacts


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