Le Parole degli Angeli
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Seeing Guardian Angels

Seeing Guardian Angels during prayer


Seeing Guardian Angels : hello Sara, I wanted to share my experience with the Angels; the first time I saw my Guardian Angel was an emotional experience, that afternoon I was incredibly sad and worried, my sister and her long-time boyfriend had separated, and they decided they would meet up again after nine months to discuss some things, and they had recently had a violent discussion over the telephone.


I was with my girlfriend, we started to pray, I grabbed the Bible and I read it out loud.


Suddenly, I saw someone lean over toward me, and leaving a hand on my shoulder, as if to reassure me.


Not even one minute later, my sister sent me a message, that she had made up her mind, and she chose Alessandro, they got back together again, and soon after that they got married.


Angels arrive before messages.


Seeing Guardian Angels during prayer are the words from Grazia


Seeing Guardian Angels


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