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Spirit Guides how they manifest

Spirit Guides how they manifest experiences


Spirit Guides how they manifest : I have always been curious about esoterism, I was 23 years old (I am now 65) and at that time, together with some friends with the same interest, we founded a center for esoteric studies, we would do hypnosis and spiritual sessions; soon we realized we had unlocked some energies that were not exactly benevolent, and fear infiltrated our young and susceptible minds.


It was exactly during that period that panic began to grip me at night before I fell asleep, I would pray and pray, it was the only system I knew to exorcise fear, I was afraid to be possessed by malevolent entities, and I would pray until I fell asleep.


During one of those panic-stricken evening, I saw a sphere of light, like a little sun, it was about 20 centimeters wide, on my left-hand side. I was laying in bed and my bedside lamp was on. Almost immediately the “sun” embedded itself in my solar plexus (exactly at the end of the sternum) and the sensation I felt was one of the nicest feelings in my life. I can only describe it with a metaphor, but I am certain that some of you know exactly what I am talking about. I felt Love! An indescribable love, like the embrace of a mother to a scared child… multiplied by ten. It was a comfort that said: What are you afraid of? I am with you (not next to you, but inside you).


During those moments I was afraid I was under some kind of spell, or a trick of the mind. I remember I would mentally say “Do not leave … don’t leave. Between my own emotions”, this “sun” that did not burn and did not blind but started vibrating even more intensely, they were telling me “You are not dreaming … I am real!”, I thought that maybe Jesus came in person to comfort me. Only years later I understood that it was my Spirit Guide. Frankly, it does not even matter who it was, because real Love is impersonal … therefore it’s of all of those who own it or feel it.


Very slowly the sensation of intense love faded away, but it left me with the same serenity that you feel after a releasing cry. I had all the time to reassure myself that it was not a mental fantasy. What happened to me really did take place, it had nothing to do with an illusion.


As my life unfolded, I often had the certainty of the presence of my “Angel”. I always asked that “he minded his own business” and not help me unless it was really necessary. My Sprit Guide (perhaps I should call him “my best friend from the other side”) has a peculiar characteristic about him, which distinguishes him from “other voices”; he has a great sense of humor. He always laughs at stupid things I do that I believe are so important. As he does that, he lightens up my load. It is incredible how life is different when love guides you. This is life’s challenge, Are we able to not forget about Love?


There are many other little anecdotes that I could tell you from the interaction with my Angel, but it is not necessary to say anything else for now. I would just want to reassure you that we are never alone, our moments of suffering are moments of great help that we do not recognize… for now.


Our Angel always needs what we need. If there was a prayer that is good for an Angel, I would say something along these lines: let me understand what my journey is … help me understand the signs you send me, because over here, where I am now, it is not easy.


Spirit Guides how they manifest experiences are the words from Alberto




Spirit Guides how they manifest experiences


Spirit Guides how they manifest


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