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Accompanying Souls into the light

Accompanying Souls into the light experiences


Accompanying Souls into the light : hello Sara, I will explain that since I was a girl, I have often seen spirits not in the flesh, it was a little girl, with whom I spoke for a long time; at the time I was about 10 years old, but I want to talk to you about something that happened two years ago.


I work at a hospital, every now and then I stop at a chapel to talk with our Father and with the Angels, if I am not meditating, at which time I can feel the answers, I feel their presence in the body.


As I was saying, I was sitting there, and as I was talking to my mind, I found myself in a state of Theta, as I was there, I could feel what people call a third eye open up, I felt it open up wide, it turned toward my left and it met two terrified eyes, full of fear, it was a young nurse, who was in her scrubs, I noticed her short dark hair, her persona was petite, she was half obscured by the church column, what grabbed my attention was her hands, clutching her chest really tight, her face wincing from pain; I remained looking at the column behind which she was hiding, she probably noticed my aura and trusted to show herself to me.


I started talking about my experience with a coworker (I am usually careful who I talk to about these things) but in that case it was something that blurted out of my mouth, she asked me to describe this young nurse, she recognized DANIELA, one of her father’s coworkers, who had passed away 25 years ago. I asked how she had died, she told me it was a heart complication, I asked if it was a heart attack, she told me that her heart had exploded and fragmented in many pieces.


I had feelings of sorrow and tenderness for that Soul, she remained stuck in that moment, and she was still passing her existence (nonexistence) remembering the last thing she felt before passing, a strong pain in the heart.


A week later I went back to the church, I sat down on a pew next to the column where I had seen her the week before; I started calling her by her name (speaking with my mind, they hear us anyway) I invoked the Angels, including her own Angel who had been looking after her since she was born, I explained what I wanted to do, I wanted to help her return to the house of the Father, in our dimension I soon saw the Angels’ presence, I closed my eyes, I asked Daniela to come close to me and let me feel her presence, then I felt an electrostatic shiver on my entire left side of my body, I thanked her, I spoke to her sweetly, I explained who we were, where we were coming from, I told her to trust the Angels, whom she could see in that moment, especially to surrender to the Archangel Hahazrael, his role is extremely important for accompanying Souls who leave or are about to leave their body, I explained that if she followed them, she would be able to return to live again, that she was able to choose a new path.


I spoke with her for a long time, at one point, even though my eyes were closed, I was sure I could see the reflection of a stronger light, I opened my eyes; I stayed a little while longer before I left, I felt a sense of emptiness around me.


I was still not sure if I had done the right thing by then. I went into meditation and I asked my Spirit Guide if I did things the right way, and it replied “DANIELA IS NOW IN THE LIGHT AND SHE THANKS YOU”, I became so emotional I started to cry.


I remember seeing her the first time on the day of my mother’s passing, which happened at 7:30 am; we were all together at what had been her house, to give the news to her two sisters (two twins) when, all of a sudden, I saw a lady that was about to ring the bell, knowing that a friend of the family was on the way, I told them to open the door, because our friend had arrived, obviously, there was nobody there.


One of my older sisters, who is far removed from spirituality, received a physical telling-to from my mother, because my sister did not want to accomplish a wish that my mother had expressed before dying; in fact, when she refused, she started to feel cold, shivers in her whole body, she became really scared, and that’s when she understood that she was supposed to do what mother had requested us to do.


From that time on, I often started to feel her presence, I saw her spiritually, she would call me at night, she would give me kisses, she caressed me but the Souls who leave the body are supposed to leave, even if to us it may seem like it is her decision so that they can protect us, in reality this is not true; they have something pending with us (even though we do not remember what it is) in fact it’s something pending that belongs to them, sometime later, I did the same with her, and my Spirit guide confirmed to me that she too had left, as I had asked her, and returned to the house of the Father.


Often when someone leaves us, we instinctively say “I beg you not to leave, don’t leave me”, in the case of my mother, it was another sister who had asked, but since I was the most sensitive in the family, and the one who received the least amount of affection from her, she felt obliged to protect me.


Accompanying Souls into the light experiences are the words from Maria Rita




Accompanying Souls into the light experiences


Accompanying Souls into the light


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