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The Angels of God reach everywhere

The Angels of God reach everywhere experiences


The Angels of God reach everywhere : hello Sara, I wanted to tell you about a miraculous intervention from God in my life; it was 1991 and I was only 13 years old, once day, together with my mum, dad, my sister, who was only a year younger than me, and my little brother who was only a few months old, we went to celebrate the Confirmation of the daughter of my cousin in the town of Grammichele, a little place near Catania.


After the festivities, which ended at around midnight, we immediately headed back, since we had to drive 90 kilometers of highway to return to Catania, halfway home the car had a malfunctioning, the lights on the dashboard went out, and we were left in the middle of the highway, totally in the dark, somewhere in the countryside.


At the time there were no cellphones, and there were no phone booths near us, I remember that my father, who had been driving, had to stop because the road did not have any illumination, we were in the dark and in the middle of the countryside, in any case, my father decided to keep driving because he could see a faint light in the distance, so we slowly headed toward the light, in our white little Renault 5.


The road split into a fork, with a little opening in the middle of it, and inside there was a little altar to the Madonna, with a tiny little light.


We were paralyzed with discouragement, I remember my father said that we were in trouble, we could neither go forward, nor go back, because we were too far away, I remember that my mother was in complete panic, she told me that the only thing left to do was to pray.


We all started to say the Ave Maria and the Our Father, out loud, hoping for some divine help.


After half an hour of prayer, from the opposite side of the road, we saw a car approach us and stop, two men descended from their car, and started walking toward us, I remember my mother was afraid the two men may have ill intentions; once they reached our car they asked if we needed help, my father explained what had happened, and one of the two men told my father not to worry, that both were car mechanics, and he specialized in repairing electrical systems.


In a couple of minutes, the man looked at the electrical pane of our car, he cut a few cables, he joined them and created a little electrical bypass that magically allowed the car dashboard to light up again, as well as our light beams, we did not know how to thank them, we said goodbye and we drove home safe and sound.


God’s Angels arrive everywhere, some of them are car mechanics and some others are car electricians.


Thank you, Sara, for the comfort you give us with your site, a big hug to you.


The Angels of God reach everywhere experiences are the words from Grazia




The Angels of God reach everywhere


The Angels of God


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