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How will we be after we die

How will we be after we die a voice in my dream


How will we be after we die : dear Sara Luce, recently I had a dream, it had all the characteristics of a nice and pleasant sleep, however, as I woke up, I could not remember much, but I did have a profound feeling of well-being, as well as a natural push to make others share my happy state with me, as if I wanted to distribute this feeling to people, without making any distinctions, family members, strangers, “good” people or not-so-much, well, anybody, and moreover, this extended to mother nature, to animals, plants, things, in an EVERYTHING that I am not able to explain easily.


After a few days, thinking of my dream again, now confident that it was behind my newly found “feeling”, I had a memory flashback.


In my dream I found myself suspended, looking at a normal situation of family life, there was also my beloved father, at that point I thought of how nice it would be if my family was once again reunited, we were once again all together and I thought that the period of separation was over, oh what happiness, it was immeasurable!!!!


At that point, a voice that did not speak but that I could hear with my thoughts, explained extremely naturally “this is how it is, we reunite all together, afterward, and what has happened before is just a dream”, I was able to simultaneously understand how this was a thing that applied to everyone and this also gave me a feeling of wonderful relief, that the whole world was going to benefit from this feeling.


Thank you, Sara Luce, and thank you Sky, with much thankfulness.


How will we be after we die a voice in my dream are the words from Sara




How will we be after we die a voice in my dream


How will we be after we die


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